Joseph Trance

Faith (continued)

(Note:  "Here is a continuation of my  'Faith'  story.  Pete and Tom told me it wasn't finished yet, and they had more to say.  I just couldn't stop them.")

     I was considering all the possibilities, all the things that I had believed for, all the things that I could do.    I was pulled out of those thoughts when I felt Pete’s hand on my shoulder. I picked up my coffee cup and then my spoon.  I stirred at the granuels that remained at the bottom of the cup.

“O.k., Tom?"
I shook my head no.   “I just don’t know what to do now.  Where do I even begin with all of this?  The possibilities are endless, but I don’t even know if I really believed what just happened.”
Pete just grinned and his eyes moved to my I-pad.
I looked at it again.  $5000.00 the e-mail message read.  Still there.

“You still don’t believe.”   Pete shook his head slowly, 
“Even when you see the holes from the nails, you don’t believe.  And I thought I was the doubter, Thomas."
I smiled at that.

 I could see by the furrow in his brow that his brain was on fire and the wood was burning; I could see smoke coming from the top of his head and out his ears.
He opened his eyes slowly and looked down at the table.
“You once told me that when you were younger you had a thing for science experiments.”

“Yeah… I was a teenage nerd…what about it?”    (Where you going with this Pete?)

“Can you remember what your first experiment was?”

“It was making my first electro magnet. “  I grinned.

“What did you use?”   His gaze shifted from the table to my eyes…they were glazed over.

“A battery, some wire and a nail.”  I answered.


“I made a magnet,”   Getting tired..again.

“How…what were the steps?”

“I wrapped the wire around the nail, stripped the ends of the wire and then hooked them up to the battery leads.”
“How did you know you had made a magnet?”  He asked.

“I was able to pick up other things with it…nails, paper clips…”

“Do you understand why that worked?”   Another door began to open.

“What I remember of the science…the layers of wire around the nail set up an electric field around the nail.   When the battery is hooked up there is a shifting of the properties of the nail from that field and it becomes magnetized.”

“ There’s more to it than that…but good enough.”    He nodded in agreement.

“You understand…somewhat how the magnet was made.”  He thought a moment.

“Do you believe in Wi—Fi?”  He asked.

“ In  Wi-Fi? “

“Do you believe it works?”  He asked, his eyes were glazed over.


“How do you know?” 

"I use it every day."

“How about cell phones?” 
“Yes.  I believe in cell phones.”  ( body tremor.)

“Do you know how they work; cell phones or Wi-Fi?”


“But they do.   You don’t understand them but you know they work because you see the evidence.”

I shook my head slowly as understanding started to come.
The light in Pete’s eyes brightened. 

“You believe in a lot of things you don’t understand.  Faith works the same way.  But it’s very definition demands an under-standing.
It IS the understanding of things unseen.   And just like you made that electro magnet, getting the materials, putting them together and applying energy, you set things up and then applied energy to your provision and got abundance.”

I thought about what he said and felt my body goose bump.

“What was the energy?” 

He spoke slowly, 
“Your words, you breathed life into what you did by speaking it.  Just the way He did when He Created.
God said, and then He saw.  Go back to Genesis; its how He created everything.  And if you are truly a son of God, you have that same creative ability as your father.
It's in your genes." 

I buried my face in my hands, trying to make sense of it all. I uncovered my face and looked at him.

“So what do I have to understand in order to walk on water or raise the dead?”

Pete shook his head, “You don’t have to understand, you just have to know you can.”

“Easier said than done,” I answered.  Then, “I thought you gave all this up for more…reality.”

He his eyes darkened for a second.  But then he smiled, and the light in them was brighter than before.

“What I’m finding, Tom, is the more I get to know, the more I study unified field, the more He is revealed.  There is such an order to ….everything, I can’t deny He exists.  I get that now.”

“Hmm,” I said, “In all your getting…”

“Get understanding,” he finished the Proverbs scripture.

I felt a peace, then.  It was a feeling so complete, a calm that I had never experienced before.  It flooded me.  I let it settle over me like a warm blanket and felt that all was right with the world. In fact, all was right with…everything.

“My Peace is my gift to you,” Pete said.

I stared at him.  “How did you know I was…?”

"Jesus knew their thoughts,”   He said.

“But that’s a whole other story,” He winked at me and slid closer. 
“So…let me tell you about how  ‘words of knowledge’ works.”


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