Joseph Trance

The Answer

    She spread out the folders of all the times and places across the oak table.
“We have so many options for you to choose from or you can select your own.”
I pushed the folders and brochures back to her.
 “Anytime, anywhere, right?”  I said.
“Yes. Guaranteed,”    She said.
 “Good .Don’t need those.”  I waved at the pile.    I know where and when I want.”   I said.
“Really.”   She said…a statement more than a question.   I could feel the weight of her skepticism.
“Don’t you even want to think about it?”  She started to push the
“I have.”  She shook her head…doubtful.
“ You have one shot at this. You can go anywhere and to any time.  But it’s only one shot and then it’s gone forever.  I have to state, as per our policy, the amount of energy necessary and the cost involved…not to mention all the risks.  We can only do this ONCE. “
 I shook my head in agreement.
“Yes.  I understand,” I said.
“No…you don’t ,”  She said.
“This is no ‘Beam me up, Scotty..’  deal.   The science is still young…we really don’t know what we’re doing and….and we consider ourselves “lucky” that the first two went and came back all in one piece.”
I stared back into her dark blues eyes and waited.
She continued to try to convince me not to go.
“Your molecules will be spread over the Time-Space continuum and you may never come back.   You could… die out there.”  She made a sweeping gesture with her hands in the air.
“Are you ready to possibly die for wherever it is you want to go and whatever it is you want to see?”
I hesitated a moment before answering.
“Yes.  I am ready.”
She smiled a sad smile then because she thought she knew.
She shook her head trying to dissuade me.
“What past event is it? When and Where?”  She asked.
I didn’t answer.  I didn’t know how to…exactly.
“It’s a who, isn’t it.”  She stated.
“A person.”  She said.   I nodded.
A first love?”
I thought a moment.
“Yes.”  I said.
“Is she really worth it?”  She asked.
I thought about all the she’s in my life.
 I thought about that and how I would answer.
“ woman is worth that.”
She leaned back in her leather chair...relieved.
“Thank you, “she said.
“I’m really glad you decided against it.  It was wonderful meeting you.”  She pushed back her chair and began to get up.  I extended my hand and took hers.
I gripped it tight.
“No.   Sit down.  I’m going.  You don’t understand.”  I squeezed her hand hard and used my grip to push her back in the chair.
Her face drained of color as I squeezed.
She sat back down and rubbed her hand.
“I thought you said she wasn’t worth it.”
“Not a she,” I said.
Her face went through a number of changes and I could follow her thought process.  It was apparent she didn’t agree with alternative life styles.   I didn’t have one.
“Is he really worth it…really?” 
“Yes he is.”    I said,  “Definitely.”
She looked sad as she brought out a folder and took out the necessary paper work. 
“Alright.  When and where?”      Skepticism mixed with disgust this time.
“Golgotha in Jerusalem.  Two thousand years ago…give or take.   I want to see the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

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