Jennifer Rawlings

The story of my life, Part 4 of 8

Jenny sat in her room and looked for something to wear. She also took off her top as it was all sweaty. She went for her robe, but it was in the wash so she needed something else. She searched through her trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses then tops and found nothing. Then she went through her underwear drawer and found her bikini, Jenny remembered it was larger than all of her other stuff so she tried it. The top, it fit quite well, a little tight in the back though. The bottoms had some stretch and went right unto her hips with a little tugging. It was fully stretched, and Jenny could feel it, and even though it was stretched, her belly still flowed over the top. But the bikini was on, and that's all she wanted. She didn't check herself out in the mirror, but she just sat on her bed and watched some more TV for the next few hours as she digested her food, and her bikini started to slack up a little even though it was far tighter then any moral-minded person would wear. Jen didn't have a scrap of clothing that fitted, so this would do for her.

At about 1:00 a.m. she set her alarm for her Eve feeding and went to sleep. Eve was in her room, working on her site and revising. She planned to do some pics that night and when she heard Jen's snores, she set about taking them. She walked in on the sleeping Jenny and took off her cover, her fat spewing out of the bikini in all ways. Eve giggled as she poked Jenny's belly then made loads of pics, she then began her lard feeding and managed to fit seven bars in. She spent hours doing it, but she wanted to fatten Jenny up as much as possible for school. When she stuffed all the bars down, she poked her belly.

God, she is getting fat, Eve told herself as she dragged herself off to bed. And she went off to sleep.

Jenny's alarm went off at 3:00, and she rose, feeling quite full, though she hadn't eaten for ages. She shrugged and crept into Eve's room and spotted the lard wrappers. Jenny began to fill her with lard - bar after bar until Eve wouldn't take any more.

“Six bars, cool; she will be fat soon,” Jenny said, rubbing her fat bloated stomach before going off to sleep.

The next day was the last day of the holiday, and it occurred to the girls they needed new uniforms. Jenny needed a whole new wardrobe, but the uniform came first.

“So, girls, I guess you need new uniforms, as you have… Yeah, here you go, and Jenny have some extra, as you need some new clothes,” said their mom, seeing Jenny on the couch in her bikini, her tight bikini, as she buttered her 14th slice of toast.

“So, Eve, as Jenny can't get into any of her clothes, can you pick up her uniform and some sweat suits? You know, Jenny, for exercising,” said their mom, gesturing to her pile of toast and belly.

“Yeah, sure I'll get her a uniform about three sizes bigger then her old, small clothes, so she can fit herself in them for longer then a week,” said Eve smugly.

“And be sure to get yourself a bigger uniform too, Sis, getting a little chubby, aren't we?” said Jenny, poking Eve's belly. It peeped out from under her t-shirt after her big breakfast.

“Ok, you two, give it a rest! Can you do that for me, Eve?”

“Yeah, sure, Mom.”

“Oh and Jenny, when you have something to wear, I need for you to go shopping. Here is the cash; I have to work. I hope I can trust you to buy appropriate food,” said her mom, handing Jenny £200.

“Wow, yeah sure, Mom, I will get loads of food with this.”

“Yes, I know you will. But you can spend the rest on cloths because I am only giving Eve just enough to buy you a few things” said their mom, going off to work

At this point Eve left to go shopping at the bigger size shop where Jenny had bought her stuff last time. Eve bought her own uniform first, feeling sad about having to go up to Jenny's old size of clothes, but felt great picking out clothes three sizes larger for Jenny. Eve picked up some underwear – well, knickers for Jenny, and then some sweat suits.

She headed back off home to see that Jenny hadn't stopped eating since she'd left two hours ago. Her belly was swollen, and she was covered in crumbs.

“Oh thanks, Eve. I'm glad you are back we don't have any food left; I have just been eating buttered toast since you left,” said Jenny, pulling herself up to stand. Eve helped her to her feet and gave her the clothes. Jenny took the bags and headed off to her room. She took off her bikini and tried on her new gear. She now looked even fatter as she wasn't restricted by the tight clothes holding in her bulk. She put on her shoes, did her hair and makeup then grabbed the money and headed of to the supermarket. She got a trolley and went up and down the isles buying stuff that every house needs like milk and bread. It came to almost £40, and she got a salad and some veggies to make her mom feel better, too. Then came her food shopping. She took all the stuff she had bought so far to her car then got another trolley and started filling it with all the junk food she loved: cakes, chocolate, crisps, microwave pizzas, pastries, ice cream, bacon, sausage, lard for Eve, pot noodles and many other fatty items. It was like the shopping was just for her, and she found she had soon filled the entire trolley. She took all that shopping back to the car and then went and half filled another trolley before going off to go and pick out some new clothes. She then loaded all the clothes into the already packed car before heading home.

When she got home, she unloaded all the food, found it totally filled the fridge and had loads of stuff left over. She decided to take all the extra food to the lounge and take care of the extra food. She then began to stuff herself. More and more food passed her lips as Jenny got lost in world of her own, a world of food. The pile soon started to disappear as she was torn out of her trance by her mom coming in with dinner. It was chips from the chippy: two large bags for Jenny with fish, sausage and two pies; two normal bags for Eve, with fish and a pie. She called Eve down and carried all the food into the lounge to see something quite shocking. Her daughter was lying on the sofa, surrounded by food packaging with her belly again poking out from her new clothes.

“God, Jenny, what have you done? I thought you were going to diet; I told you to buy salad!”

“I did, mom; there is a head of lettuce in the fridge and some cucumber. This stuff couldn't fit into the fridge so I had to have it before it went off.”

“What? You could have left it out for the night; it wouldn't have gone off!”

“Well, I was hungry, okay? Oh, dinner, yes! Thanks, mom!” said Jenny. sitting up a bit.

Her mom shrugged and handed her the food

“I give up,” she said as she walked off. “If that girl doesn't stop eating soon she is going to get fat. At least she isn't partying any more.”

Jenny began eating again, and Eve sat next to her. It turned out they'd finished at the same time even though Jenny had more food. She was now feeling stuffed, but Eve was just feeling full so she went and pushed Jenny further. Three cakes later, both were about the same level of fullness. Jenny again eating more because it took less to get Eve that full. Jenny saw her sister was full and wanted to push it, so with difficulty Jenny got a few more cakes and they both stuffed themselves until they couldn't move. They lay there until about 11:00 and then went to bed as they had school the next day. Jenny set the alarm for 8 o'clock for school because she felt too full to bother with the lard. Eve, however, decided to top Jenny up as much as she could before school and went for a last ditch effort quickly feeding Jenny, not bothering with the pics. Eve popped large bits into her mouth, and Jenny sucked them right down: seven bars again and, afterwards, Jenny looked fatter from it.

Jenny woke up at 8:00 and felt quite full still from the night before. She quickly showered and then dressed in her new, big uniform. It looked like a tent lying out on her bed, but it was just her uniform. Jenny shrugged this off and fixed her hair, makeup, got all her books ready for school and came down by 8:35. Jenny then made breakfast, which lasted for next 20 minutes. Jenny took a handful of toast and jumped into the car with Eve to go to school before they were late. They got there just in time. Jenny walked through the gates after Eve to see the reactions from people over her sister's weight gain.

“Oh, God, is that Jenny? She has gotten even fatter over the holiday - she's a blimp!”

“God, did she stop eating all holiday?”

“Wait, that's not Jenny, is it?”

“You're right. God, Eve has gotten huge. I wonder how big Jenny must be if Eve has gained all that!”

“No way, is that her there?”

“No way, she is huge!!!”

“Oh my God, she is massive; look how fat she is!”

“You were fight to dump her, Jack,” said one of his friends.

“You're damn right. God, she is huge!”

Jenny heard every word and felt embarrassed about what they were saying, especially Jack who hurt her the most. She hurried off to her first lesson before they said anything else.

“Look at her arse; it's fucking huge,” they proceeded to say from their seats just loud enough for her to hear. She usually sat at the back, but as she was being taunted from her old friends she took a seat in the front and wondered if the school had changed the tables. Her hips went over the edge of the chair and her belly sat on her lap and almost touched the table.

Jenny made her way though her lessons, keeping her head down and feeling really embarrassed for getting big. When lunch came around, she got a plate full of food, then another, and then another, then another and then one more before she stopped as people were talking about her. Finally, she went to the vending machine and spent £5 on chocolate bars. She took them outside and ate them all before going to her next lessons.

Eve, on the other hand, did receive comments, but no more then she usually got for being clever as she didn't have the same group of friends that would mock her for gaining weight. At lunch, Eve watched Jenny stuff herself, and she too ate a fair amount, having three plates before hitting the vending machine. After school, Jenny didn't wait for Eve and went right home to get away from all her tormentors; once she got in, she went right for the fridge and started a binge. She ate for a few hours before getting stuffed; she then changed into looser clothing - with a little stretch she carried on eating. She ate for the rest of the night. Eve avoided her sister and, therefore, didn't give into the temptation of food.

School went on the same, and a few weeks later Jenny was still gaining and getting into real big trouble with her clothes. She once again was growing out of them and had now shattered the 200 lbs mark and weighed 211 lbs. She'd generally swelled up with the new weight, getting a fatter face, ass, hips and gut. Her thighs, too, were thicker; in fact, she was growing all over, except her tits, which remained a CC cup. Jenny was at a low; she was still hearing all the whispers and taunts. Lunch was a show for all spectators. Eve enjoyed it the most as Jenny wouldn't stop eating until the bell. Her uniform now couldn't be fasted completely; her bottom shirt button was undone against her will, and two out of five buttons on her skirt were fastened - and it was all still tight. Now Revision Leave approached, and Jenny could wait to get out of her uniform.

Eve was gaining, too. She was now 175 lbs of unsightly blubber. Jenny was happy about this because it validated her titanic weight gain to a degree. She often whispered, “God she is fat!” to herself after Eve had a stuffing, but failed to acknowledge her own fatter, stuffed stomach which was packed with even more fatty food.

Jenny counted down the days until the week of Revision Leave before the exams, and with each new day came more food to her growing waistline. In the last two weeks Jenny gained more weight and finished her last day weighing 228 lbs! Again, she swelled outwards some more and grew rounder, softer, squishier and dimplier. Her growing cellulite became a problem that her schoolmates were very vocal about. Jenny now had one button of her skirt fastened and three buttons unfastened on her shirt. Her belly poked right out, and she couldn't hide it. She attempted to by always carrying her school bag in front of her, but her massive stomach was hanging out all over the place and proved to be too big of a job for her bag to handle. During this time, Eve also gained, but only a few more lbs and now read 180 on her last day. Jenny was over double her original weight, and Eve was now 68 lbs over her old weight, bringing their combined gain to 184 lbs of fat, costing thousands in food bills. It was a lucky thing their parents earned over £100,000 each and had more then enough cash to support their daughters' habits.

Jenny was ecstatic to be home. She undid her skirt as soon as she got in and let it drop to the floor; her belly folded out a little more then before, which was a hell of a lot altogether. Then she peeled the shirt off and stood naked in the kitchen for a few seconds of relief. She sped upstairs to dress because Jenny didn't want Eve walking in on her. Eve's uniform was tight on her, too, so they both went and changed - Eve into her snug sweat suit and Jenny into her extremely over crowded sweat suit. Her belly flowed out of the suit, as it was skin-tight all over, but still felt better then her school clothes.

As the holiday began, the girls started things off with a huge binge. It was an epic battle and went on deep into the night; they practically ate the fridge dry. After each course, one would push for another course to try and fatten up the other, and then the next person called for the next round of food. Eve filled up first, and Jenny loved seeing her stuffed with her chunky tummy poking out of her sweat suit.

“Oh, I am stuffed, Jenny, I can't eat any more,” moaned Eve as Jenny suggested more food.

“Come on, just a little more. What can I say to make you eat more food?” asked Jenny, wanting Eve as fat as possible.

“Well,” said Eve slyly. “How about you eat 10 items of food for every one I eat?”

“Nah, not 10 - call it three.”



“Six - and that's final. You eat six items of food for every one I eat,” said Eve.

Jenny seemed unsure. So Eve made a few more full noises, saying she was getting so fat and she shouldn't be eating as it was. This was enough for Jenny, and with some effort Jenny got up and headed into the kitchen.

Jenny bought back all of the junk food from the fridge and then some stuff from the cupboards, then she returned to the kitchen for another armful of food then another. Soon the table was pilled up with food, and Jenny was satisfied. Food was pulled off and placed on top of them. First were some donuts. Eve had three, and Jenny had 18., Eve ate hers slowly, trying not to fill up while Jenny eat quite quickly as she wasn't as stuffed as her sister. Now came a 700-gram bar of chocolate: Eve had 100 grams and Jenny eat the other 600. The meal progressed like this, and Eve slowly got fuller and fuller, while Jenny quickly filled up and soon reached the same level as Eve. And it was at this point Eve went for the kill.

“Okay, Jenny, I am about to be sick. I am so stuffed, but I crave some of that chocolate cake on the table. It must be my fat girl appetite, but I don't want to eat alone and get fat.”

“Umm…well, how about I eat with you?” said Jenny, wanting to top up her swelling sister.

“Okay, but I can see you are full, too. How about we cut the six-to-one thing and do a five--to-one deal instead?” said Eve.

“Five-to-one - that's not much better. I'm pretty full!”

“Tell me about it! Look at the size of my belly,” said Eve, pushing it out to add more to her stuffed, fat stomach. “Call it a four-to-one, and we have a deal!”

“Umm, I don't know,” said Jenny looking at her own bigger belly, and the size of the large cake.

“Okay, final deal: three-to-one. We cut it into quarters; you have three and I have one.”

“Okay,” said Jenny, thinking she had beaten Eve into submission by making her have a whole quarter, not taking into account the other three she would have to consume.

They cut it and began eating. Eve ate at the same pace as Jenny, which meant Jenny was stuffing herself fuller after Eve had finished. Jenny carried on eating more and more and grew fuller and fuller; she reached Eve's full state after eating half of the cake and then pushed for the last quarter. When she was done, she passed out and went to sleep. Eve, on the other hand, lay there in pain until she drifted off.

Both girls were woke up bright and early the next day by their mom standing over them

“God, girls, how much did you eat last night?”

“Well, we had all that was left,” said Jenny, looking at all of the food packaging around them.

“I can see that. Right. Well, first thing you two are doing is cleaning this place up, then you are shopping to refill the house with food, then you can buy some clothes. You two don't even fit in the stuff you're wearing now,” she said, getting out her purse.

Both girls covered their stomachs as their mom held out cash.

“Ok, Jenny, you can start right now.”

“But, mom, I can't go out. I have nothing to wear!” said Jenny, realising how tight her clothes were.

“Well, Eve, you put on Jenny's clothes as they are bigger then yours and you go out clothes shopping for the both of you. Then, when you get back, Jenny can get dressed and go food shopping,” said their mother, handing each of them £300. “Now, Jenny, I don't want you buying just junk food, okay?”

“Yeah, sure, mom,” said Jenny, taking the cash and getting up to clean up a little.

“Okay, I am off to work. Clear this place up, you two,” is what she said as she left.

“Jen, you get changed, so I can put on your clothes to go out,” said Eve.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” said Jenny as she went upstairs. Jenny found she didn't have anything to wear so just put on her robe. She then handed her clothes to Eve, who went into her room to change. Jenny then started cleaning up when she noticed that her robe didn't fit. The two sides couldn't meet together any more as her cleavage and belly showed in the large divide.

“How long has it been like this?” she asked herself, as she had been wearing it a lot over the last few weeks. She looked in mirror in the downstairs bathroom and saw her tits weren't exposed, but it did show off a lot of cleavage; her belly, too, was showing, along with her meaty thighs.

“Must be the angle,” she said to herself as her overhang on her belly now covered her pussy. She then carried on cleaning as Eve came downstairs in a food-covered sweat suit that fitted Eve pretty well.

“So I will get clothes in this size, Jenny,” she said, coming down the stairs.

“God, she is plump; she's wearing my old gear,” Jenny thought as Eve came down, still brushing her hair.

“So, Jenny, how much bigger shall I get your clothes?” said Eve, gesturing to her small robe.

“Just go up a few sizes that's all and get me a bigger robe, too,” replied Jenny, feeling a bit bad as Eve left.

“Can I borrow your car, Jenny?”

“I suppose,” replied Jenny, as she knew it would speed things up a little and she could get into something that fit her sooner.

While Eve was out and after Jenny had cleared up she started on breakfast. There wasn't much in the house though, but Jenny found herself a nice four-course meal, which she finished very quickly. While she waited, she decided to shower and put a face on as she would have to out to get food soon enough.

While Jenny was at home, Eve headed to the same shop as usual and bought a few outfits in the same size she was wearing. She spent half of the money on herself and took all the clothes back to the car, and then she started on Jenny. She estimated three-four sizes up but found the shop only covered stuff two sizes up. When Eve asked the woman, she replied that this shop didn't cover extreme sizes even though it did cater to the 'real' woman. Eve was given the name of a shop that catered to Jenny's size and went right over.

She smiled all the way, knowing her sister was now too fat for the clothes shop that she swore she would never enter. Eve found much less variety, but she did her best, and she supplied Jenny with all new underwear, though none of it matched, as Jenny's knickers were huge compared to her bras. Then came some sweat suits, a new robe, a few normal outfits like jeans and tops and then another bikini two sizes up. Eve planned to take Jenny swimming, just to see her wear it once after she had gotten so fat all of her clothes didn't fit again. Eve spent the money quickly on Jenny and then went back to her sister who was waiting.

When Eve came in, Jenny was in her room, naked and putting on her face.

“Hey, Jen, you in there?”

“Yeah, don't come in; I am naked. Can you pass me my clothes through the door?” said Jenny, getting up and hiding behind the door, opening it enough to let the bag through. “Thanks, Eve,” said Jenny as she looked through the bags and was happy to see clothes, even though they did look like tents. Jenny dressed in some jeans and a top, with a bra and knickers underneath and went off shopping with her cash.

While Jenny was out, Eve wanted to put a Before-and-After album on the site, showing the new vastness of Jenny's clothes compared to her old outfits. She decided to wear some of Jenny's new stuff and do the classic post-diet shot of massive trousers stretched out around a slim person's waist.

Jenny, on the other hand, sped to the discount store and set about her food shopping.

“Mom wanted me to get in some healthy stuff. Hey, well, here is some lettuce; that will do,” she told herself, speeding out of the veggie isle and heading to the junk food department. She then filled the trolley, then another trolley and then one more with cash left over. Jenny took all her shopping and extra cash and hit an all-you-can-eat place. Jenny felt hungry after little breakfast, and it being 1:30 already, she started filling her tray up with food. It was school lunch all over again, except this time she felt more accepted as other fat people were there, doing just as she was, so fewer people paid attention.

Jenny felt comfortable as she went back and forth, but after trip number thirty she felt full, and staff were giving her dirty looks. She decided to pay for it again and then carried on overeating, with one button open on her jeans. After other ten plates of food, Jenny felt stuffed and left the place to the relief of the manager who found very little food left from her binge. Jenny then walked back to her car and left town with all the food filling the car boot and seats. She passed a chip shop on the way back, and the smell intoxicated her so she had to pop in. A few minutes later, she was seen walking out with four carrier bags full of food, four large bags of chips, three fish, four sausages, five pies and a bottle of Coke. She took it home and ate with one hand while driving with the other. Jenny had the intention of leaving lots for Eve, but before long she had only one pie remaining.

“May as well finish,” she told herself as she wolfed it down. Jenny then tried a very sharp corner at a set of lights near her house but found her belly was touching the wheel. She had moved the chair back several times over the lest few months, and now found it all the way back, so she couldn't make room for her bloated belly. She had to drive slowly from then on but couldn't get anywhere near the car's usual top speed because it was weighed down by all the food and Jenny.

Jenny arrived home late in the afternoon and started bringing in the shopping; it took her all with all the back and forth. When all of the food was finally in the kitchen, she started to pack it all away. She filled the fridge and freezer to the max and then all of the cupboards, then the old fridge in the garage - and she still had food left over. She got all of the excess food she could carry and took it to the lounge and started eating. Jenny soon zoned out and started stuffing herself silly all alone.

Eve was in her room, chatting on her web site's chat room. She told people all about Jenny and what a great success the site was. Eve loved all the attention she was getting, but after a few hours she got pretty hungry and headed down as she remembered hearing Jenny come in about two-three hours ago. Eve came down to see Jenny happily stuffing herself on the sofa, hoarding all of her food around her. Eve decided not to go in just in case she got mixed in with Jenny. Eve really wanted to keep away as she was fat enough as it was. Eve took the other stairs into the kitchen and saw all Jenny had bought; she then rummaged around and decided to have the salad as she noticed the three full bin bags by the door from a few of their binges. Eve took the lettuce and a box of donuts and headed back to her room to watch TV in bed and eat her dinner. She wolfed down the food and went to sleep, feeling very unsatisfied after a few more hours of TV.

Jenny, on the other hand, was content, sitting in front of the TV, yet again eating all of the food around her and discarding all of the empty wrappers on the floor around her. When Jenny had eaten all of her food, she went right to sleep on the couch, which a wide smile on her wide face and her chubby hands rested on her huge stomach.

Jenny was awoken the next day by her family pottering around as usual, Jenny just got up, went to the toilet and then headed for the kitchen for a little breakfast: four frying pans filled with bacon and sausage, the grill and toaster filled with bread and bowls of cereal.

“This will get me started,” she said quite blatantly out loud as she felt very hungry. Her mom and dad both looked at each other at this statement and then carried on with what they were doing. They had now given up on Jenny's constant overeating and now moved onto Eve to try and stop this happening to her, too. When the girl's mom saw Jenny collect all the food together and happily take it all off to the lounge in several trips, she went to her thinner daughter's bedroom to try and stop this from happening twice.

“Hi, honey, are you decent?” said Eve's mom, entering the room.

“Yeah, sure. Come in, mom, what is it?” she inquired from her bed where she was sitting.

“Well, it's about your sister and her…weight gain'” she whispered as she approached Eve and sat on the corner of her bed.

“I know she has gained a lot of weight.”

“Yeah. she has, but so has somebody else - not to the same degree, but you are getting bigger, Eve,” she said, poking her roll.

“I know, mom, but I am a long way from Jenny.”

“I know this. You can easily tell, but I am only telling this to make sure you don't go down the same track as her. She has gone too far and just won't stop eating since she lost all of her friends, and I don't want you to get so isolated like her and spend your days stuffing yourself.”

“I won't, mom. I'm really trying to control it. Look at my dinner last night - I had the lettuce Jenny bought.”

“And the donuts.”

“Yeah, well, it's a lot better then what Jenny had.”

“You're right, Eve, and I am really proud of you for doing this. Now, you might need some cash to get some weight loss stuff or join a gym if you want to lose the weight.”

“Well, I do want to lose it, but I really have to revise this week, mom. I can exercise after the exams.”

“You're right, Eve. It can wait but try to hold out like you did last night; it must have been tempting to join Jenny.”

“Damn right. Thanks for this chat, mom. I am happy you are looking out for me.”

“It's okay. I have got to go now, try and keep away from Jenny and stay up here revising; if you go down there, she will only drag you down with her,” she finally said as she left her daughter's room.

Eve smiled at her mom's comments but took them to heart as she lay down on her bed and attempted some sit-ups. Each time she went up, she made a fat belly roll, but it wasn't witnessed too many times as she gave up after four, decided to take the Eat Less approach and picked up her literature book and started reading it again for the 5th time.

After Jenny had her breakfast, she thought about washing up but went against it and went for more food instead. This went on for the majority of the day, Eve in her room revising and Jenny downstairs, constantly eating and going back and forth from her ass rut in the middle of the couch to the kitchen of more snacks. In fact, it covered the whole exam revision period and Jenny hadn't done a second of revision, while Eve spent most of her days doing it. Their weights changed. Eve found she'd lost weight and totalled 178lbs on the morning of her first exam, while Jenny had gained more and clocked in at 235lbs and found her clothes once again shrinking. She had moved towards her sweats again, but, as it was the exam week, the students could wear what they wanted. Jenny went for her best outfit, a pair of jeans and a blouse; her jeans were very snug with her belly flowing well over the waistband and the material being stretched tightly across all parts of her hips, ass and legs. Her blouse was skin tight all across her middle and only let up a bit around her chest, which was small for her frame. She had all of her buttons fastened with great discomfort as she came down for breakfast 30 minutes before the rest of the family.

She took over the kitchen, using the entire cooker, toaster and a lot of the work surface with her bowels of cereal and pastries. When it was all made, she took it to the lounge and started eating in front of the TV. Halfway through, when rest of the family came down, they rose to see Jenny with her jeans undone and her bottom two blouse buttons undone with her belly popped out. They said good morning, but didn't dare take any of her food, which she hoarded like it was gold. They all finished at the roughly the same time, and Jenny took a last slice of toast for the car journey as she felt quite nervous about her exams.

She walked in through the gates after Eve, who was wearing her clothes very comfortably after her small weight loss and small breakfast, something Jenny couldn't say. Jenny felt the entire school staring at her protruding stomach, fatter then ever, bursting free from her blouse and jeans. Jenny took a seat at the back, so people wouldn't be able to see her when the test began. As she lowered her weight on the chair, it groaned under her great pressure, and the legs started to bend outwards a little. Jenny got up and asked for another chair as if hers was broken. The teacher saw her on the chair and saw the legs begin to buckle. He got her another seat, and she sat on them both, spreading her weight out and giving her whole ass something to rest on as her wide load was too much for one narrow chair.

The exam soon began and went differently for the both of them. Eve had good enough coursework grades to have passed her tests without entering the room, and after all of the revision she had done, she found the test a complete breeze. She had zero difficulty on any of the questions. Jenny, on the other hand, really had it hard; she barely understood the questions let alone knew the answers. Jenny didn't even bother to fill in half of the paper and felt scared when she had gone all the way through the paper in half an hour; she went through three more times and wrote down very little more and still she was the first to finish. Eve finished quite late as she wrote a lot on every answer. After the paper, Jenny headed right for her car and waited for Eve who was pumped after doing so well, while Jenny was gutted.

Jenny drove them straight home and began snacking when she walked in, while Eve went to her room to do more revision. Jenny ate all night, while Eve revised, falling asleep at their different workstations. The exams lasted two weeks, but the girls did not have tests every day. Eve happily wore her different outfits, all fitting well, to the tests, but Jenny unhappily went with her shrinking clothes, resorting to sweats in the later tests. After the last exam was done, Jenny waited for Eve on her own when a group of people joined Eve

“Hi, Eve, do you fancy going to a party?” said the group.

“Yeah, sure, I would love to,” she said, looking over to her sister standing there all alone.

“Is it okay if Jenny doesn't come, tough?” one said, spotting the fat girl leaning against a wall waiting for Eve.

“Yeah, I will tell her,” said Eve, going over to Jenny.

“What did they want?” asked Jenny.

“Well, they invited me to a party.”

“Just you?” she asked.

“Yep, don't wait up for me. I'm off; see you later on!”

With this Eve went off with the crowd, and Jenny walked around, trying to get an invite to some kind of party. But after getting the cold shoulder from a few dozen people, she gave up and headed home. While Eve partied, Jenny sat all alone in the darkness of the lounge, the TV being the only light source in the room, showing her fat tummy and sea of food all around her as she just carried on eating with her hatred of Eve on her mind. Jenny fell asleep at about midnight on a full tummy still in front of the TV. Eve actually didn't sleep, as she stayed up all night, partying and celebrating the end of school. At 7 am, the party died, and people headed off or fell asleep. Eve headed off to bed, passing her bloated sister on the coach happily full.

Eve slept deep into the afternoon and rise at 4:30 to see Jenny sitting in the same position, eating yet more junk food.

“Hi, Eve, did you have fun?”

“Yeah, it was great, but I am a little hung over. I don't think I can face any food; you have mine if you want it,” said Eve, heading to the kitchen of glass of water. She could have managed a full fry up but wanted to lose weight instead of gain it. Jenny watched her sister head for her room and felt kind of down about Eve having such a good party and also felling a little bit down about her sister's weight, as she appeared to have lost a little.

Eve stayed in her room all day and didn't rise from her room before going to bed at 11pm. Jenny, in the meantime, sat downstairs eating, planning to feed Eve some lard. She ate more and more and got fuller and fuller. Before Jenny knew it, she was really stuffed and couldn't get up to go and feed Eve. She tried once then twice, then another time and found she was a little tired, so she decided to rest. Three courses later, Jenny tried to get up again, but failed and went to sleep on her full belly. . .

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