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Titel Autor
Het Achterhuis! Reminiscences of Anne FrankRolph David
DandelionLyraLyra Gabriel
You Are Missed Still!Rolph David
D-Day! An Elegy For The FallenRolph David
Wealth In The Everyday!Rolph David
What Goes Around, Comes Around!Rolph David
That's How It Always Started!Rolph David
The birdsAurelia Bogner
I'm already deadAurelia Bogner
75 Years Of The German Basic LawRolph David
The Beacon Within! - A SonnetRolph David
Homeless SoulIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
Lost LoveIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
Warnings Unheeded. History Repeats Itself!Rolph David
The Spectacle Of Discord: The Decline Of The ESC!Rolph David
The End Of Schickelgruber's TyrannyRolph David
ReverieIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
DisappearanceIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
Xing The Bar...on Tennyson's TracksRolph David
A Regal Smile - A LimerickRolph David
Generation Z: The Coddled Collapse!Rolph David
Parable Of The Swing - In Brecht's footsteps...Rolph David
DestroyedLyraLyra Gabriel
Odyssee Of Hope - A Refugee's TrekRolph David
Ode To Vanity!Rolph David
All Is Vain! - A SonnetRolph David
Truth In The Guise Of A Lie - A Limerick!Rolph David
Beyond the Question Mark: Fate's Final Punctuation Rolph David
What Is The Sound Of One Hand Clapping? - A LimerickRolph David
Be Brave: Protrude! - A SonnetRolph David
One Man's Victory, Another's Defeat! Rolph David
A Poem Full Of Deceased Words!Rolph David
Anne's Inglorious End - A Sonnet!Rolph David
YOU Had Decided So! – A LimerickRolph David
Velvet nights of summer's graceJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Bushu Suru! - A LimerickRolph David
Your kissStefanie Haertel
A Graveyard Full Of Buried Hopes! - A LimerickRolph David
Bitter Insight! - A LimerickRolph David
Whispers On WaterAndy Berchi
Pieces of GhostsAndy Berchi
Willy's Wise Advice - A Limerick!Rolph David
Long distance relationship Angela Feiertag
MIRACLE Angela Feiertag
To Live Is To Fight!Rolph David
On bad diseasesVolodymyr Knyr
geometry of broken heartsValentin Schering
Oh, what a joy to be alive!Stefanie Haertel
So many roadsBodo Mario Woltiri
A Soul's Quest!Rolph David
The Hierophant of Unspeakable Evil (Poetic Rap)Andre M. Pietroschek
Shadows Of SalemRolph David
Learn Inner Peace Through Our Battered EarthRolph David
I miss you Monika Schmeinta-Maier
The place where I belongStefanie Haertel
It was a wild rideStefanie Haertel
WoodsJürgen Wagner
10 things I hate about you and moreAmelie Inge
Silence between usAmelie Inge
About Dark SidesBernhard Pappe
But I choose lifeStefanie Haertel
TransparentRichard Rodriguez
JUST SAY NO!Richard Rodriguez
Hey Mister Death!Bernhard Pappe
Just a cup of waterJürgen Wagner
Tanzan and EkidoJürgen Wagner
Way to HappinessJürgen Wagner
The mysterious girlVerena Sifft
MILAREPAJürgen Wagner
”Raunächte” or The Twelve Nights After X’masRolph David
The Story Of Ebenezer Scrooge!Rolph David
A Different Kind Of Merry X'mas!Rolph David
Power of wordsJürgen Wagner
Have A Merry Christmas! - A sad story.Rolph David
Madness Christmas!Rolph David
The Matter of RebirthJürgen Wagner
The Way To EnlightenmentJürgen Wagner
The CoconutJürgen Wagner
Optimist and PessimistJürgen Wagner
The modest RabbiJürgen Wagner
ColoursClaudia Kühne
The Turtle and the FrogJürgen Wagner
The Mountain MonkJürgen Wagner
The Contented OneJürgen Wagner
Brother Bruno and the FrogJürgen Wagner
FarewellRolph David
The Three FishermenJürgen Wagner
The Guilty ManJürgen Wagner
A Dared Tryst. A LimerickRolph David
SiddhartaJürgen Wagner
Ubuntu!Rolph David
A star appeared to meJürgen Wagner
Pro dolor - Homo homini lupus non est!Rolph David
EASTERJürgen Wagner
Primadonna assoluta: A Divine Voice Died Away!Rolph David
Oh, praise the life on earth so fair!Jürgen Wagner
Trump's Truth - A LimerickRolph David
QuintessenceJürgen Wagner
Are you running out of time?Stefanie Haertel
Heart of CornJürgen Wagner
Moon VoyageJürgen Wagner
Mighty TreesJürgen Wagner
AI Poets - A LimerickRolph David
Power PlaceJürgen Wagner
Today is the dayJürgen Wagner
Consider This...A LimerickRolph David
Who can travel with the wind?Jürgen Wagner
Questionable Celeb GlutRolph David
FOR YOUJürgen Wagner
Tall Poppy – A LimerickRolph David
Mother Hulda's Apple GardenJürgen Wagner
Everything comes backJürgen Wagner
The Tree of LifeJürgen Wagner
Beware of Gas Lighters!Rolph David
Happy go luckyJürgen Wagner
To my not so chronic illnessSamantha Rhinow
The jew-treeJürgen Wagner
The World TreeJürgen Wagner
The Jug of Tears - A fairy taleJürgen Wagner
Carnival's Birth and the Celebration of St. MartinRolph David
The WorldJürgen Wagner
Germany’s Fateful Day: 9 NovemberRolph David
Wolves in the village - A Zen-storyJürgen Wagner
The ButterflyJürgen Wagner
Regal Reign In The African Plain. A LimerickRolph David
One YearJürgen Wagner
From Thoughts To Your DestinyRolph David
Remember, Remember, The 5th of November...Rolph David
Some Past In My EyesRolph David
Be More Grateful!Rolph David
A Sonnet About The Tribulation Of LifeRolph David
Love SongJürgen Wagner
Pat Reon, Kickstar Police DepartmentAndre M. Pietroschek
Just Three Things!Rolph David
It's All Borrowed!Rolph David
Hooray For Good Old STANDARD Time!Rolph David
The Three SievesRolph David
Trying TimesRolph David
If I had a SonLisa Kupietz
An Undeserved Social EnnoblementRolph David
Solomon's SentenceRolph David
Love With ObstaclesRolph David
In Tyrants' Grip - A Vague Hope?Rolph David
A french and a trenchVolodymyr Knyr
I wishSamantha Rhinow
POETRY out of the BOX - PEACE MESSAGESiegfried Fischer
Publishing A PoemBernhard Pappe
When I Saw Him Hanging ThereJoseph Trance
Do You Believe Joseph Trance
Under An Old SunBernhard Pappe
Only Body FeelingBernhard Pappe
Raw draft poetry: Infinite HotspotsAndre M. Pietroschek
Witches' CauldronAndre M. Pietroschek
Gone with the windBernhard Pappe
Beeing a lefty in a left wing Fascist CountryPatrick Rabe
Eagles NestJürgen Wagner
Parents never really die! A freestyle poem attempt.Andre M. Pietroschek
ObservationsConstanze A.
RuinsJürgen Wagner
Your Songs Monika Schmeinta-Maier
It needs…Bernhard Pappe
The rumbleMauro Montacchiesi
Michael - we loved youBarbara Stahl-Mosch
My suave MuseMauro Montacchiesi
The Love of GodJoseph Trance
Pieces out of my mind (Inspiration over a long time)Bernhard Pappe
Poignant late November tuneMauro Montacchiesi
BE MY HEART'S HAVENMauro Montacchiesi
House of GlassBernhard Pappe
IN MY MINDMauro Montacchiesi
MotherMike Arnold
Language of emotionsJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
sanguineDoris Groiß
TornJan Güldenpfennig
YET LIFE FLOWSMauro Montacchiesi
Can you find it in your heart?Mike Arnold
Don't speak with your heart fullAndrew Alison
Soul Kitchen – An inner psychedelic songbook (14)Bernhard Pappe
There is only lightMike Arnold
As these stars aboveMike Arnold
Financial Apartheid Laws - Freestyle Poetic MusingAndre M. Pietroschek
How can I?Mike Arnold
Our DeathBernhard Pappe
Mental acrobaticsSarah Müller
Lone Stars, Sixguns, & Red Orc Tomahawks (Wild West Poetic)Andre M. Pietroschek
Undying Hate - Unfinished Free Verse PoemAndre M. Pietroschek
Four society-critical Myku-Haiku (with notes)Andre M. Pietroschek
The Invasion's Toll (Russia-Ukraine War)Andre M. Pietroschek
The four-letter wordBernhard Pappe
Not despite, but because I loved you!Andre M. Pietroschek
Standing Up Again! (Free Verse Homeless Poem)Andre M. Pietroschek
The Witch I Fear! (Free Verse Poetic Musing)Andre M. Pietroschek
poor and richBodo Mario Woltiri
Me and YouJürgen Wagner
Feet on the groundBernhard Pappe
The Eternal HuntBernhard Pappe
SerendipitySarah Müller
Heart of a DragonMathis H.
JuvenileSarah Müller
This yearJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
MirroringMona Steinke
Complete concreteRebecca K.
Christmas TreeJoseph Trance
Game OverThomas Dreischhoff
The forbidden yawnArpton
Just keep your eyes on meStefanie Haertel
AutumnJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
StillnessJoseph Trance
Only one prayerStefanie Haertel
Don’t Pay Your Lifestyle With Your LifeBarbara Mewes-Trageser
A tree of memoriesStefanie Haertel
Give Love a Big Chance to WinBarbara Mewes-Trageser
I feel your soul on mineStefanie Haertel
TonightStefanie Haertel
Pesky*Volodymyr Knyr
The Arts of the World SocietyBarbara Mewes-Trageser
The Buddhist PathJürgen Wagner
Water, Food and God the CompassBarbara Mewes-Trageser
A Glance in ViennaMathis H.
Luck Is …Barbara Mewes-Trageser
True OnenessGrace Hope
No More Discriminations EverBarbara Mewes-Trageser
I'm just a girlSamantha Rhinow
the golden table Doris Groiß
Shadow Waltz - An inner psychedelic songbook (13)Bernhard Pappe
Hold my scarsMerit Sprang
Midnight LambruscoBessie Celeste
IncompatibilityHeinrich Baumgarten
Wrinkles Bessie Celeste
Believing is surviving Stefanie Haertel
Cemetery FlowersBessie Celeste
Cirque de moiBessie Celeste
A Heart full of LoveIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
WhyThomas Dreischhoff
Nothing more to say!Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Black SoulMonika Schmeinta-Maier
Perfect Future Makes Past And Present SimpleHeinrich Baumgarten
Toto phonesHartmut Wagner
Lazy summer afternoonJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
ElevationsJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
We have to announceAnton Bradinger
CageAnna Weithaas-Lachtrup
When I WriteRebecca K.
WavesAnna Weithaas-Lachtrup
Eyes like starsAnna Weithaas-Lachtrup
DespairJessica Reinert
On one neighbor of UkraineVolodymyr Knyr
Brick in the wallBernhard Pappe
Ship and ratsVolodymyr Knyr
Neptune and sea monstersVolodymyr Knyr
mindfulnessDaniel Gunter
Junk NewsHeinrich Baumgarten
A war lamentationBernhard Pappe
Dreamaholic's LullabyHeinrich Baumgarten
TasteHeinrich Baumgarten
Collateral DamageAnton Bradinger
Subjects Are ObjectsHeinrich Baumgarten
Great-Grandmother's WalkmanHeinrich Baumgarten
An attack as a tackVolodymyr Knyr
CASHHeinrich Baumgarten
Creation's Last DreamHeinrich Baumgarten
Consumer Number OneHeinrich Baumgarten
Who is not with us Volodymyr Knyr
night-time dialogueAnton Bradinger
FugitiveVolodymyr Knyr
Brutal attacksVolodymyr Knyr
On closing the skyVolodymyr Knyr
Hungry occupantsVolodymyr Knyr
MapsLea Kardov
No-fly zoneVolodymyr Knyr
No happy endMelina Gittner
relevantBodo Mario Woltiri
I am what I am 💝Ursula Rischanek
Your Love Monika Schmeinta-Maier
with youMarco Werner
Traveling Down Life’s HighwaysE. C. Montana
saturday february 29Lea Sonnleitner
The gods of false promisesFrederik Kloiber
Failed PolyarmoryVanessa Toh
love and friendshipJalesu
2021 - Forever Over!Rolph David
It's just...Rolph David
PromisesAmelie-Jade Opfinger
In Prixie´s GripRolph David
Little BitchRebecca K.
Virgin’s mind – An inner psychedelic songbook (12)Bernhard Pappe
Blessed ChildBernhard Pappe
BushfireIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
The furious TempestIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
The KangarooIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
ElementsJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
The Power of No:Frederik Kloiber
The Tantalizing FlyIngrid Baumgart-Fütterer
Freedom...Frederik Kloiber
For The Life Of MeJoseph Trance
Pandemic LightJoseph Trance
Music is my addictionSamantha Rhinow
MonstersSamantha Rhinow
Rest in peace – Requiescat in pace – Riposi in paceBernhard Pappe
A real blue Blues, Depression BluesHartmut Wagner
And it came and wentAntonio Justel Rodriguez
SadPeter Kröger
Toilets Volodymyr Knyr
powerSamantha Rhinow
A Rainy DayMartin Hünemöller
The WordArtistMonika Schmeinta-Maier
Scruffy feetElisa Leschek
SheSamantha Rhinow
patientJürgen Jost
WorldsJürgen Jost
A poem for you 2.0Melina Gittner
You promisedSamantha Rhinow
Time Monika Schmeinta-Maier
A peach and a speechVolodymyr Knyr
What movesJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Golden Ways and Times of Sorrow - for V. v. GoghJürgen Wagner
WordTobias Lux
You killed meSamantha Rhinow
Devil in disguiseVanessa Thöni
That´s meAlina Rahner
FREEAntonio Justel Rodriguez
Left here without youJule Valentin
Who I amSamantha Rhinow
COPPER AFTERNOONAntonio Justel Rodriguez
FOR US, THE AFFLICTEDAntonio Justel Rodriguez
a quiet prescienceElisabeth Heilos
you say, you know meSamantha Rhinow
Sahara SongJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
I loved youSamantha Rhinow
Dialogue...💞Ursula Rischanek
OR MY WIFE - Antonio Justel Rodriguez
C-19: TRANSMUTATION OF ANGERAntonio Justel Rodriguez
TRUMP - COVID - BREXITAntonio Justel Rodriguez
Outside of the BoxMathis H.
things that shineElisabeth Heilos
the mistletoeElisabeth Heilos
Last Night In Octembbrua Thomas-Otto Heiden
Dirty Rag Comes CleanJoseph Trance
A strange Christmas silenceJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
LovePatrick Rabe
Corona Town, where I was born (Two more versions)Patrick Rabe
Corona Town, where I was born (my version of "Barbara Allen")Patrick Rabe
RATIONALIZATION OF JOYAntonio Justel Rodriguez
Oh sisterNorman Möschter
CREATOR SOURCE: synopsisAntonio Justel Rodriguez
Fun back thenNorman Möschter
you will only see greatness with your heartSteven Bell
CoronaRené Schäfer
God Made For Me An I.LP.Joseph Trance
Good morningJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
What CountsJoseph Trance
The secretJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
DREAM IS...TO LIVEManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
Spirit of mankind (mit Erklärung in deutsch)Patrick Rabe
Personal problems on a global screenPatrick Rabe
GREAT I AMGrace Hope
ScanPeter Kröger
Look! (incuding german translation/mit deutscher Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
TruthPeter Kröger
MistakenPeter Kröger
Poetry obscured by minds – An inner psychedelic songbook (11)Bernhard Pappe
By His BloodJoseph Trance
The place in the stripesJoseph Trance
Life is preciousStefanie Haertel
Only three words...❣️Ursula Rischanek
Across The Great DivideJoseph Trance
The Very Air Itself Joseph Trance
Savior KingJoseph Trance
The moment between the doorsHannah Eilert
I didn't know I could feel it Hannah Eilert
Just a dream Hannah Eilert
E...Gabriele Zarotti
ArisingJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Love River ForeverHicham El Qendouci
Hearts in partsSukejna Haracic
Not Friends AnymoreNina Nowak
Not Everything Is LoveNina Nowak
Silent coronationSven Eisenberger
It´s you I asume Sukejna Haracic
Until sun risesSukejna Haracic
Little Walk in TownMarie Sophie
Ways of our lifeJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
If I were in your shoesVolodymyr Knyr
Let's call a spide (anti-proverb)Volodymyr Knyr
FUCK HATERMichael Hübner
life´s circleBianca Schulze
ContrastTadeusz Bukowski
A very unusual way.....🌠Ursula Rischanek
Magdalene's brainPatrick Rabe
GhostsJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
PoetryLaura Prigge
Switched on and of ....?💔Ursula Rischanek
How much does a life cost?Bernhard Pappe
forbidden desireJana Kaiser
AutumnJasmin Fischer
CousinsJoseph Trance
SpringJasmin Fischer
WinterJasmin Fischer
First they adore...Volodymyr Knyr
Unpretty womenVolodymyr Knyr
On (f)rigidityVolodymyr Knyr
A Gaul and GaullismVolodymyr Knyr
Jesus and The Common ColdJoseph Trance
Peaches and creamVolodymyr Knyr
An aidVolodymyr Knyr
Tell me why? Ramona Benouadah
It's a Trap!Karl-Konrad Knooshood
The Chord on the FloorNiclas Bartsch
An extremal sex streamVolodymyr Knyr
The taskVolodymyr Knyr
It's hotVolodymyr Knyr
Tell me darling....💔Ursula Rischanek
Whatever boy-friendVolodymyr Knyr
A retailerVolodymyr Knyr
Justice, revisited!Karl-Konrad Knooshood
A StainMJ Hamilton
Mr. StrawmanKarl-Konrad Knooshood
SHIPSIvan Sokac
Snowman, Bonhomme de Neige, Karl-Konrad Knooshood
Feelings...❤️Ursula Rischanek
19 Seconds (of Beweiskraft) (One Year after) Karl-Konrad Knooshood
Theophania and the flesh failures Part 1 and 2Patrick Rabe
[Dog]Peter Kröger
StarsSimone Goertz
lost am INorman Möschter
Be who you want to be!Sandra Geiger
The truth.Sandra Geiger
What life and art have in commonJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Milky clouds in black coffees and other storiesBernhard Pappe
Light and Shadow Ramona Benouadah
DancingHeike Weinberg
AIMING TO THE SEARuediger Lambert
Cupids last standSamoa Rider
Standing strongSamoa Rider
The huntSamoa Rider
NakedSamoa Rider
Game, with Rules, without any ValueFlorian Klima
WanderlustSamoa Rider
poppy flowersIngeborg Jansen-Buchen
What changed?Larissa Lamadé
LOST DAYSMarlene Remen
God’s MirrorBernhard Pappe
The kissJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Umbrella WonderBernhard Pappe
Refugee Poetry AustriaBrigitte Waldner
Red skies dancingPatrick Rabe
TranslatorMartín Renán Tirado Alvarez
DedicationMartín Renán Tirado Alvarez
AuctionMartín Renán Tirado Alvarez
Remembering a loveBernhard Pappe
The Enlightened OneJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
EcstasyJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Would love be without pain the birth of eternity? Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Plastic Bags in SeasNorbert Schimmelpfennig
Between hope and longingJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
An untitled dreamBernhard Pappe
Lovingness TryThomas McQuitty
may-beConny Kirsten
so sadRosita Bannier
A day offJürgen Wagner
Farewell visionJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Belonging (the shortest holorhyme)Volodymyr Knyr
When the fogs are dissolvingJürgen Wagner
EPHEMERAL GLORYManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
âï äàìåäéí , Manlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
Let’s get ready for… - Ready – Steady - GoBernhard Pappe
THE GARDEN OF GODManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
EXISTENCE...ILUSSIONManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
Orfeo's SongPatrick Rabe
MURMUR OF SILENCEManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
obituaryHeike Wenig
W H Y, W H Y, W H Y ???Marlene Remen
Home is ...Jürgen Wagner
Refreshing hourJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
GoddessPeter Kröger
Friendship with treesJürgen Wagner
[Anyway]Peter Kröger
Christmas MeditationJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
An earthquakeVolodymyr Knyr
Fish breaking silence (Drowning home)Patrick Rabe
DroughtPeter Ahlhorn
A pacifistVolodymyr Knyr
The leap into the new year of lifeJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
My LordElisab Beatriz Valero
Plastic surgery Volodymyr Knyr
A day in a life - An inner psychedelic songbook (10)Bernhard Pappe
On those who often plightVolodymyr Knyr
A chess pieceVolodymyr Knyr
A long stateVolodymyr Knyr
Meeting a dillVolodymyr Knyr
Ahasver Volodymyr Knyr
Dolly girlsVolodymyr Knyr
A babe and a breedVolodymyr Knyr
Time to relaxVolodymyr Knyr
Not no oneVolodymyr Knyr
Beware!Volodymyr Knyr
A baby of a mermaidVolodymyr Knyr
An antialcohol campaign-2Volodymyr Knyr
An antialcohol campaignVolodymyr Knyr
Pressing a brake Volodymyr Knyr
A timeless sightOriada Dajko
MatryoshkaOriada Dajko
A man and a witchVolodymyr Knyr
A sexistVolodymyr Knyr
An oculist and a ridiculistVolodymyr Knyr
Comics Volodymyr Knyr
For sophistsVolodymyr Knyr
A(n af)fairVolodymyr Knyr
universal audioRobert Zabek
A babe and her admirer Volodymyr Knyr
A weanVolodymyr Knyr
A fere and a sphereVolodymyr Knyr
A peer Volodymyr Knyr
A pretty shitVolodymyr Knyr
long time no seeRobert Zabek
Brides must know thatVolodymyr Knyr
Modern LoveGabriele Melms
An X-rayVolodymyr Knyr
A golf(-)clubVolodymyr Knyr
A s(tic)kVolodymyr Knyr
A piss-pot Volodymyr Knyr
An ass-kickerVolodymyr Knyr
A good deviceVolodymyr Knyr
Old jakVolodymyr Knyr
BrainsVolodymyr Knyr
A currentVolodymyr Knyr
Communication by touchVolodymyr Knyr
A reputation stainVolodymyr Knyr
A gym and regimeVolodymyr Knyr
How shall I greet youIrene Beddies
A simpletonVolodymyr Knyr
A true individualistVolodymyr Knyr
A leaderVolodymyr Knyr
A horribly deep rest Volodymyr Knyr
Fear and greedVolodymyr Knyr
A greedy Dick's seedVolodymyr Knyr
A career personVolodymyr Knyr
ODY LASTManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
A fist-fuckerVolodymyr Knyr
A lone maniacVolodymyr Knyr
A young ladVolodymyr Knyr
An ordealVolodymyr Knyr
An assassin Volodymyr Knyr
A paranoid and a pair annoyedVolodymyr Knyr
In formVolodymyr Knyr
Lack of a jewelVolodymyr Knyr
The richest (st)oreVolodymyr Knyr
An ass-kickerVolodymyr Knyr
A (s)plash Volodymyr Knyr
A proper timeVolodymyr Knyr
VotershipVolodymyr Knyr
On making a jestVolodymyr Knyr
Interaction with peopleRumi Shrivastava
No Turkish meal Volodymyr Knyr
Ranks and pranksVolodymyr Knyr
An effective workVolodymyr Knyr
A beefeater's fast Volodymyr Knyr
A queen and a queanVolodymyr Knyr
A warfareVolodymyr Knyr
Donkeys and monkeysVolodymyr Knyr
A consolationVolodymyr Knyr
You are my destinyChrista Katharina Dallinger
An allyVolodymyr Knyr
A tressed galVolodymyr Knyr
A repVolodymyr Knyr
A bed restVolodymyr Knyr
Follow meChrista Katharina Dallinger
A wail and a waleVolodymyr Knyr
An implementation and a lamentationVolodymyr Knyr
The (des)ireVolodymyr Knyr
A vanity fairVolodymyr Knyr
Just give me a chanceChrista Katharina Dallinger
On him who isn't in timeVolodymyr Knyr
No ordinary manChrista Katharina Dallinger
An ass and the massVolodymyr Knyr
Tom and JerryVolodymyr Knyr
An arrest and a restVolodymyr Knyr
A troublemakerVolodymyr Knyr
A fan of garlicVolodymyr Knyr
A grip of steelVolodymyr Knyr
A voiceVolodymyr Knyr
A badman and a batmanVolodymyr Knyr
The lostVolodymyr Knyr
Your noseVolodymyr Knyr
The bras(s)Volodymyr Knyr
An egocentristVolodymyr Knyr
The truth and ruthVolodymyr Knyr
Monsieur Albi and his own exileBernhard Pappe
The weatherVolodymyr Knyr
The synergyVolodymyr Knyr
A mollVolodymyr Knyr
The esteemVolodymyr Knyr
A sex extremeVolodymyr Knyr
A piss potVolodymyr Knyr
Close-stoolsVolodymyr Knyr
A human and a humanoidVolodymyr Knyr
MockeryIrene Beddies
An expertVolodymyr Knyr
On the Garden PathIrene Beddies
Sisyphus Volodymyr Knyr
A gangVolodymyr Knyr
On what's behind-the-sceneVolodymyr Knyr
A peep-showVolodymyr Knyr
A check-lockVolodymyr Knyr
A sophisticated witVolodymyr Knyr
(M)oral lawsVolodymyr Knyr
Bitching and pitchingVolodymyr Knyr
Our (r)ageVolodymyr Knyr
Asses and classesVolodymyr Knyr
It failsVolodymyr Knyr
An unheated school Volodymyr Knyr
The nuclear ageVolodymyr Knyr
God and folk Volodymyr Knyr
A Spaniard and HispanicsVolodymyr Knyr
The sharpest eye and earVolodymyr Knyr
The highest topVolodymyr Knyr
The coevalsVolodymyr Knyr
Killer Smile RockyRobin Carretti
A Jewish mealVolodymyr Knyr
All Eyes C LipsRobin Carretti
An escapistVolodymyr Knyr
In These DaysIrene Beddies
A pedoVolodymyr Knyr
A non-idolVolodymyr Knyr
No island, but.....Margret Silvester
Living in a universe (An inner psychedelic songbook (9)Bernhard Pappe
EatingVolodymyr Knyr
Art fakesVolodymyr Knyr
FalloutVolodymyr Knyr
The same boxVolodymyr Knyr
A findVolodymyr Knyr
On who makes ends meetVolodymyr Knyr
In Sherwood ForestVolodymyr Knyr
Frights Volodymyr Knyr
The least delicious partVolodymyr Knyr
The Continuous ConvesationKat Mirabile
There's no waffleVolodymyr Knyr
I hate my brainKat Mirabile
The best jobVolodymyr Knyr
A pacifistVolodymyr Knyr
A heifer and a bull calfVolodymyr Knyr
The moving bodyVolodymyr Knyr
HAPPY CLOTHINGManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
An eel and a reelVolodymyr Knyr
Right loveVolodymyr Knyr
A thunder cloudVolodymyr Knyr
The pockets of ArmaniVolodymyr Knyr
I WANT TO KILL THAT TENANTManlio Fabio Jurado Hernández
On what disfigures figuresVolodymyr Knyr
The grandpaVolodymyr Knyr
The lack of loreVolodymyr Knyr
ChangeJürgen Wagner
Food as a sourceVolodymyr Knyr
Noses, diagnoses and prognosesVolodymyr Knyr
An ace and a faceVolodymyr Knyr
The worst of allVolodymyr Knyr
A stool and a toolVolodymyr Knyr
The dread of lightVolodymyr Knyr
A deaf daredevilVolodymyr Knyr
SteamingVolodymyr Knyr
The vocal localVolodymyr Knyr
A fartVolodymyr Knyr
A dum-dumVolodymyr Knyr
The colour of historySven Eisenberger
On how to have a restVolodymyr Knyr
E V E R Y D A YMarlene Remen
I´ll remember youRamona Benouadah
The oppressedVolodymyr Knyr
Takes and mistakesVolodymyr Knyr
The breast and the restVolodymyr Knyr
On twittingVolodymyr Knyr
Quest orientationVolodymyr Knyr
Welcome to fairs!Volodymyr Knyr
A dealVolodymyr Knyr
A bean-feast tableVolodymyr Knyr
On who can be trickedVolodymyr Knyr
The HerdEmmanuel Ramos
Let your heart flowJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Some best aleVolodymyr Knyr
The scent of lairVolodymyr Knyr
A waste of airVolodymyr Knyr
Fairy-talesVolodymyr Knyr
The man's last restVolodymyr Knyr
A gangVolodymyr Knyr
Who makes the biggest wrongVolodymyr Knyr
The biggest treatVolodymyr Knyr
A damsel in distressVolodymyr Knyr
A cold (st)eelVolodymyr Knyr
A findVolodymyr Knyr
SnowIrene Beddies
WrittenJürgen Wagner
Sulamith's ApplesPatrick Rabe
Food on a trayVolodymyr Knyr
QuestionsIrene Beddies
Porto geeseVolodymyr Knyr
A sole and a soulVolodymyr Knyr
Freude (Akrostichon/English)Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
A leaderVolodymyr Knyr
In a bear's lairVolodymyr Knyr
Breath of HeavenJan Wendler
The moral taintVolodymyr Knyr
The finest placeVolodymyr Knyr
A bad adviceVolodymyr Knyr
Less curvy, more scurvyVolodymyr Knyr
English teacher in troubleSven Eisenberger
Racketeers and tearsVolodymyr Knyr
Classes and glassesVolodymyr Knyr
A beautiful liesVolodymyr Knyr
An assacheVolodymyr Knyr
Winter RainBernhard Pappe
Right girlsVolodymyr Knyr
A wormVolodymyr Knyr
Lips and slipsVolodymyr Knyr
An easinessVolodymyr Knyr
You fly with the angelsRamona Benouadah
The poorVolodymyr Knyr
A streetwiseVolodymyr Knyr
Champagne and painVolodymyr Knyr
Ale and loveVolodymyr Knyr
Some aleVolodymyr Knyr
Your IQVolodymyr Knyr
the man called riverNorman Möschter
EdenVolodymyr Knyr
An air raidVolodymyr Knyr
The prisoner's paceVolodymyr Knyr
The grasp and the gaspVolodymyr Knyr
A sadistic poetasterVolodymyr Knyr
The peach and the speechVolodymyr Knyr
MissesVolodymyr Knyr
An old foolVolodymyr Knyr
On what a baby-kisser aye retailsVolodymyr Knyr
Colours and Possibilities - An inner psychedelic songbook (8)Bernhard Pappe
A common snailVolodymyr Knyr
Not a friendVolodymyr Knyr
A leek and leakageVolodymyr Knyr
Passion & InspirationHeidemarie Sattler
It's a snapVolodymyr Knyr
The skin peelVolodymyr Knyr
Cold MorningIrene Beddies
Berlin ReasonsBernhard Pappe
Harvest MoonBernhard Pappe
Their secretIrene Beddies
Different ReactionsIrene Beddies
Approaching WintertimeIrene Beddies
Winner or loserJürgen Wagner
I’m sitting – An inner psychedelic songbook (7)Bernhard Pappe
Tribute to Barack ObamaJürgen Wagner
HORIZONSTilman Otto Wagner
A pacifier worldBernhard Pappe
Meeting animalsJürgen Wagner
Back and forthJürgen Wagner
OctoberIrene Beddies
Fall in my TownIrene Beddies
Soviet PoetIrene Beddies
In a falling planeVolodymyr Knyr
An individualistVolodymyr Knyr
A tailVolodymyr Knyr
A five minutes´ bluesBernhard Pappe
Fire and DaoBernhard Pappe
Last verseJürgen Wagner
The Blue Eye (Bilingüe Español-Inglés).Joel Fortunato Reyes Pérez
We have to do the washing-up!Jürgen Wagner
TogetherJürgen Wagner
Weeping WillowMelody Joy Letford
A Sufi StoryJürgen Wagner
The biggest treasure one can findJürgen Wagner
Poet's HypeBernhard Pappe
LiberationJürgen Wagner
´No one said, life was easy ...´Jürgen Wagner
TreesJürgen Wagner
World treeJürgen Wagner
The meaning of lifeJürgen Wagner
let me create somethingÉmilia Francine Rennart
Dualism and individualismVolodymyr Knyr
Kisses and pisses (Temporarily a strange poem)Bernhard Pappe
The WayJürgen Wagner
SurrealisticBernhard Pappe
The biggest flawVolodymyr Knyr
Your BirthdayIrene Beddies
Forbidden EdenVolodymyr Knyr
MockeryIrene Beddies
You smashed my HeartIrene Beddies
For Wiebke, wherever she may be (Mit deutscher Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
The LetterIrene Beddies
Subdued PassionIrene Beddies
Better FutureJan Wendler
DisillusionIrene Beddies
What did I do wrong?Irene Beddies
Spring SongIrene Beddies
A DreamJan Wendler
HealingJan Wendler
More - or less?Jürgen Wagner
Song for you (mit deutscher Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
All in my phantasy (2)Bernhard Pappe
Limerick There was a young lady of FranceBernd-Peter Liegener
Sect Hopper (religion for noobs) (mit deutscher Übersetzung!)Patrick Rabe
The circle is closedBernhard Pappe
Snowman's SongIrene Beddies
FlamesMaddiie Vali
Who am I?Jennifer Daniel
Such is LifeIrene Beddies
Still a strong teamStefanie Haertel
The MoonIrene Beddies
Play a blues for meBernhard Pappe
Carried ...Manuela Nickel
Innocence and Landscape – An inner psychedelic songbook (6)Bernhard Pappe
PurgatoryIrene Beddies
Gates Of ZionPatrick Rabe
It’s all about the PerspectiveJan Wendler
A Prayer Wrapped In BluesPatrick Rabe
IllusionIrene Beddies
At the MoleIrene Beddies
flashlight .........................Steven Bell
Just dependencyChristina Stößl
RecollectionIrene Beddies
Mind HotelBernhard Pappe
ManmachineOlaf Müller
Living in Jazz - An inner psychedelic songbook (5)Bernhard Pappe
MagiciansIrene Beddies
RitualsBernhard Pappe
Under the Cottonwood TreeIrene Beddies
William Blake‘s laughter - An inner psychedelic songbook (4)Bernhard Pappe
This Thing about HonestyJan Wendler
In the distanceNorman Möschter
CancerIrene Beddies
I’ll find my songJan Wendler
WatchwomanBernhard Pappe
Seasons in painJan Wendler
Bittersweet DreamJan Wendler
Hunting Safari Jürgen Wagner
The PartingIrene Beddies
La bourgeoisie compradorVolodymyr Knyr
ShineMeike Schäfer
GuiltyMarilyn Pérez Torres
Secret WishesIrene Beddies
Divine Hugs (Meditation)Bernhard Pappe
Poem XXIIIBrandon Balderas Rocha
The lie useMeike Schrut
One tries itMeike Schrut
In vain?Irene Beddies
I amJan Wendler
sunday nightNorman Möschter
The circle breaksBernhard Pappe
SundayIrene Beddies
You are my manStefanie Haertel
FreeJan Wendler
B E L I E V EMarlene Remen
No-GoIrene Beddies
God, Part lllPatrick Rabe
Sitting Bull in a forestBernhard Pappe
LOVE DRAGON BLUETilman Otto Wagner
Heavy Metal ExecutionLeandro Martinez
A new dayAdalbert Nagele
ComposedIrene Beddies
All things happen - An inner psychedelic songbook (3)Bernhard Pappe
Dust of YearsIrene Beddies
No AnswerIrene Beddies
Live onStefanie Haertel
QuestionsIrene Beddies
Things - almost forgottenIrene Beddies
POEM ZERO / ZERO POEMTilman Otto Wagner
13th birthdayJürgen Wagner
Pink Elephants - An inner psychedelic songbook (1)Bernhard Pappe
The Daily RoutineJan Wendler
Impatience – in front of spring timeBernhard Pappe
Without youIrene Beddies
HelloJan Wendler
Prince of BarknessLianna Fox
Gave it allJan Wendler
55 heroesLeandro Martinez
Bird song - A short poemBernhard Pappe
Rum in AmsterdamLianna Fox
love and superstitionFrank Erureye
Winter AfternoonIrene Beddies
A Winter morningJürgen Wagner
Beautifully BrokenDae Victoria
BeautyRafael Miranda Aguilar
Time is fading awayIrene Beddies
A little rain of Irish blessingsJürgen Wagner
Broken-wingedIrene Beddies
English to FrenchVolodymyr Knyr
An English Shot - Word Bullets (2)Bernhard Pappe
Happiness...Avinash Chand
Carpe diem !!Avinash Chand
WHAT LIFEIrene-Danae Diamantis
Two Weeks I Was a Married ManLianna Fox
Words... unsaidIrene Beddies
The Magic of BeginningIrene Beddies
An English Shot - Word Bullets (1)Bernhard Pappe
Prayer for a Happy New YearBernhard Pappe
Snow in the MeadowsIrene Beddies
A new king is bornBernhard Pappe
Christmas BluesBernhard Pappe
One CutSophia Pühl
To MorpheusIrene Beddies
MoonlightRay Beynon
OWL AND TOADRaymond Owen
Message in a bottle (Emotional rescue)Bernhard Pappe
Foggy timesMargret Silvester
your smileTaiwo Oluwadamilare ojat
A disturbed world (In a sad moment)Bernhard Pappe
Summer wentIrene Beddies
DreamIrene Beddies
Pt..pt...dropsIrene Beddies
Riding on WordsBernhard Pappe
DaydreamsIrene Beddies
fatherNorman Möschter
my friend the mayorNorman Möschter
Encourage YourselfDirk Schumacher
Last SummerIrene Beddies
The InevitableAmn Dtta
AdviceIrene Beddies
Royal HuntingIrene Beddies
Riding on a rainbowBernhard Pappe
sweet girlNorman Möschter
CookieMarc Backhaus
IvyRowan Chadwick
Californian desertJürgen Wagner
Love IsMaddiie Vali
ConvictionIrene Beddies
School DazeKaren Halloway
A pretty GodBernhard Pappe
ChildhoodEdmund Huditz
Morning at the ShoreIrene Beddies
dancing childrenNorman Möschter
Eternal ClownEdmund Huditz
We will overcomeIrene Beddies
On her DeathIrene Beddies
We wanted to treatIrene Beddies
In an early morning (poem of a moment)Bernhard Pappe
kind of loveNorman Möschter
The silent WayIrene Beddies
They are shootingNorman Möschter
Back to the NorthIrene Beddies
Fool's AddictionBernhard Pappe
Deep inside meKlaus Thomanek
Men of JusticeJoshua Akinwande
It´s about youStefanie Haertel
Milky SkiesAishabella Sheikh
A Love...long time agoIrene Beddies
OceanBernhard Pappe
My MirrorPaul Rudolf Uhl
The WalkKlaus Thomanek
A Bunch of FlowersIrene Beddies
black rosesNorman Möschter
Storm is brewingIrene Beddies
ZeitgeistRené Oberholzer
Let it beIrene Beddies
Love means...Klaus Thomanek
Wedding Song (with german translation/ mit dt. Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
my promiseNorman Möschter
Dark RedMaddiie Vali
Something like homeStefanie Haertel
Dark horse in a white shadowBernhard Pappe
MorningIrene Beddies
Remember meMarlene Remen
My Gift to YouIrene Beddies
Empty-handedIrene Beddies
The EndingIrene Beddies
UtøyaMargret Silvester
By my sidePatrick Rabe
Begin to DreamKlaus Thomanek
Jeanny's workPatrick Rabe
revellingNorman Möschter
A coloured RibbonIrene Beddies
A l w a y sMarlene Remen
Wandering MindBernhard Pappe
SpringtimeIrene Beddies
Why is itMaddiie Vali
Here and nowPeter Ahlhorn
Late remarkKlaus Meier
mirror mirrorNorman Möschter
F r e e l i k e a b i r dMarlene Remen
Not only SunshineIrene Beddies
Growing oldIrene Beddies
The artistPatrick Rabe
Not any longerIrene Beddies
Music and HopeBernhard Pappe
Night RavenAnna Jansen
At the Back PorchIrene Beddies
The CircleBernhard Pappe
Downfall of the cliffIrene Beddies
Frustrations I Could Have PreventedMaddiie Vali
Dear JewelJoshua Akinwande
springOliver Stefan
To a once beloved FriendIrene Beddies
Prodigal DaughterKaren Halloway
Aura ConcienseNick Maatjes
sometimes I wishPeter Ahlhorn
LongingJürgen Wagner
The Father's JoyKaren Halloway
UnexpectedJoseph Trance
EukalyptusIrene Beddies
Feet Back (Word Games)Bernhard Pappe
Rather go blindBernhard Pappe
When a blind man criesBernhard Pappe
The Voices in My HeadMJ Hamilton
An appreciation for ‚Cream’Jürgen Wagner
Absurd PoemBernhard Pappe
It seemsIrene Beddies
M e m o r y sMarlene Remen
The best I knewDirk Schumacher
His Brother’s FlagDirk Schumacher
Near DeathIrene Beddies
Rancors against BankerJürgen Wagner
When Worlds CollideDirk Schumacher
Carry on!Dirk Schumacher
A Darkness AwakesMarina Mura
Call to the armsDirk Schumacher
The ToastIrene Beddies
Once in your life - for Eric ClaptonJürgen Wagner
Musical SelfKegan N.
test empty fileFrank Erureye
Big Eyes, Big LiesMarina Mura
SincerityJürgen Wagner
Wishful ThinkingIrene Beddies
God's Autism ClassroomJoseph Trance
Skies will always be full of fliesMarc Backhaus
Forest of despairKegan N.
Items at the BeachIrene Beddies
Limerick on BeautyMarc Backhaus
Carla the Sand WitchMarc Backhaus
Game of WordsMarc Backhaus
Night at the BayIrene Beddies
MemoriesIrene Beddies
limerickNorman Möschter
DefiancePeter Ahlhorn
FOR THIS THINGTilman Otto Wagner
I am here for loveMarc Backhaus
A seed had been plantedPeter Ahlhorn
The Mysterious Game of ChessMarc Backhaus
In every silent momentsMarlene Remen
Your dreamboatChristine Kapeller
The BeesJürgen Wagner
POETIC TRUTHTilman Otto Wagner
ParadiseIrene Beddies
A heavy nightJürgen Wagner
About our earthMichael Krause-Blassl
The Magic CarpetIrene Beddies
This DistanceMaddiie Vali
Can't sleep...Cindy Bansemer
Secret WealthIrene Beddies
SummertimeMaddiie Vali
KrisMaddiie Vali
crossing of a quaint tall seaNeven Dreyfuß
How Freedom Feels likeStefanie Haertel
Whenever I wanted...Irene Beddies
Save me from this dreamStefanie Haertel
Another WindIrene Beddies
Kunigunde and the VioletsWolfgang Steinmann
A Fine RomanceWerner Kemper
Empty roomStefanie Haertel
My Friend RonIngrid E. Patrick
Farewell Ron WillemseIngrid E. Patrick
Changes are bitter nowIrene Beddies
NERD vs. FLIRTJens Marquard
Which town is it?Xuan Hy Nguyen
DifficultMaddiie Vali
ConsolationIrene Beddies
1:50 AMMaddiie Vali
I Like YouMaddiie Vali
You and IMaddiie Vali
I Remember the DayMaddiie Vali
In the Mediterranean SeaMaddiie Vali
Evening SkyIrene Beddies
Believed in a FairytaleMaddiie Vali
A Love So Dearly MissedKegan N.
The Last Day of AprilMaddiie Vali
Because of LoveMaddiie Vali
Don't Tell Me Who I AmMaddiie Vali
Goodbye ConfusionMaddiie Vali
Smoke and MirrorsMaddiie Vali
America (U.S.A.)Jürgen Wagner
The happy death of bumble beesChristina Dittwald
IrisGillian Emerson
C Stands For CourageRay Boorman
LoveChristina Dittwald
PsychosisMaddiie Vali
Lesson on LoveIrene Beddies
Sound Of LifeAnna Jansen
Russian IconIrene Beddies
TenerifeIrene Beddies
Spring in TurkeyIrene Beddies
Life's MissionJoseph Trance
TightropesKim Gray
SwordMike Arnold
ConsequencesMaddiie Vali
It´s not your faultStefanie Haertel
Back homeRachida Zoubid
Silent CallsIrene Beddies
Springtime LoveKaren Halloway
MulhacénIrene Beddies
Inner strengthStefanie Haertel
Seagulls in the TownIrene Beddies
A True FriendIngrid E. Patrick
FebruaryIrene Beddies
FinalityKegan N.
Filling life with lifeStefanie Haertel
Daylight to MoonlightMaddiie Vali
WordsIrene Beddies
I´m fine, thanksStefanie Haertel
1919Maddiie Vali
Once more at the LakeIrene Beddies
Her ConcernsIrene Beddies
This sound is dyingNorman Möschter
The dragon's introductionChristina Thomas
Winter at the BeachIrene Beddies
See what you haveStefanie Haertel
full of funMaurizio Krüger
JanuaryIrene Beddies
I wanted...Irene Beddies
My Mexican DreamRufus Murry Jr
canceldLea Reich
The Way of LoveIrene Beddies
Enemy InsidePatrick Rabe
TearsMaddiie Vali
Winter BlossomsIrene Beddies
Christmas EveIrene Beddies
ChristmasIrene Beddies
For Me?Karen Halloway
Night LightsJoseph Trance
A nearly commonplace TaleIrene Beddies
This dark afternoonIrene Beddies
DecembernightIrene Beddies
FULL MOONJens Marquard
You...Saanika Amembal
Spiritual v/s spiRITUALSaanika Amembal
Fiery FingersIrene Beddies
Late FallIrene Beddies
Memoirs of a soul without eyesMarco Jativa
The BirdMarc Backhaus
Refugee Children at the AirportIrene Beddies
The two LoversIrene Beddies
Empty PromisesMaddiie Vali
Tale of RomanceIrene Beddies
WhenKlaus Meier
FriendshipIrene Beddies
FreeRufus Murry Jr
Fighting lonelinessStefanie Haertel
pearl open burnedFelix Abegg
FallIrene Beddies
The LeafIrene Beddies
StutterickIngo Baumgartner
OMNIPRESENCE (mit Uebersetzung)Gabi Sicklinger
Ode to FallIrene Beddies
TogethernessJames Woods
UnreasonableIrene Beddies
When first we metIrene Beddies
Just a kidJames Woods
I stand before youJames Woods
ImaginationJames Woods
It was a PrivilegeJames Woods
NightIrene Beddies
My feelingsDaniel Dietze
Late Summer's DayIrene Beddies
SeptemberIrene Beddies
Second-hand LifeIrene Beddies
adventure in the rainAva Gaston
SpringSayani Nath
Farewell - James AllenIngrid E. Patrick
Night and ShadowsMax Cárdenas Mantilla
L I F ETilman Otto Wagner
High NoonIrene Beddies
IntentionIrene Beddies
EnoughIrene Beddies
I want to keep our love aliveStefanie Haertel
ALL I SEE....Ingrid E. Patrick
The Red ZoneJacob Bergner
Priceless StarsPeter Asige
The TalaiotsIrene Beddies
Addicted To Your SweetnessDorsey Baker
Along the BeachIrene Beddies
A part of your lifeStefanie Haertel
How?Joseph Trance
No Rainy ForecastDorsey Baker
My IslandIrene Beddies
Our BadJoseph Trance
HamburgIrene Beddies
Night in MetropolisIrene Beddies
Sea ResortIrene Beddies
DarlingJennifer Daniel
Oh For The GloryJoseph Trance
CloudsIrene Beddies
JAMES ALLENIngrid E. Patrick
JuneIrene Beddies
ChildrenIrene Beddies
DreamsMichela Scavone
WillingKlaus Meier
lentConny Kirsten
WaitKlaus Meier
EchoesIrene Beddies
Morning in MayIrene Beddies
inhale you pureFelix Abegg
Life means changeStefanie Haertel
New HorizonIrene Beddies
A Gourmet's JourneyIrene Beddies
But I just can´t make you love meStefanie Haertel
A birds taleHans Peter Strassl
On Christmas ClimateMarc Backhaus
Garden of Heart!!Kiran Kumar Bollam
Sweet and Sour MemoriesGata Daska Ibañez
ComeIrene Beddies
Mister Good-ThoughtStefanie Haertel
I will never say goodbyeStefanie Haertel
An Evening in CompanyIrene Beddies
WaitingIrene Beddies
A Quiet PlaceRufus Murry Jr
Spring stirs my BloodIrene Beddies
At the PondIrene Beddies
YOULivia Möckli
DAY and NIGHT´Joshua Akinwande
HE IS RISEN...Joshua Akinwande
Memories and Guardian AngelsNina Mallée
In loveDaniel Dietze
My Wheelchair ThrownRufus Murry Jr
DelayIrene Beddies
No Eye,s To See WithRufus Murry Jr
To Every Not Want To BeRufus Murry Jr
AprilIrene Beddies
Sworn To The BladeRufus Murry Jr
Before SundownOluwatosin SHIBA Aribo
The tree of lifeMig Marn
Mammy MarketOluwatosin SHIBA Aribo
My PoetryOluwatosin SHIBA Aribo
ALL I DOJoshua Akinwande
MarchIrene Beddies
Sweet Essence Of HomeRufus Murry Jr
Something about loveRené Marczynski
Notes in a DiaryIrene Beddies
RED MISTRay Boorman
EveningIrene Beddies
Your SmileIrene Beddies
YESTERDAY HAS GONE BY...Joshua Akinwande
Old AgeIrene Beddies
AloneRufus Murry Jr
Jungle SongIrene Beddies
Early Spring at the LakeIrene Beddies
For My FriendZul Ariffin
Complete silenceIrene Beddies
You Vs The StoneSeth Ewald
Handle with CareIrene Beddies
live your lifeStefanie Haertel
Simile (1)Lars Schmitt
Spring in the AirIrene Beddies
Peak SoulNur-Viktoria Ellen Frings
A Slice Of The MoonNur-Viktoria Ellen Frings
Limerick #2Marc Backhaus
Benjamin and his familyAmyutza Naulea
Big Yellow Cat's JourneyMarc Backhaus
Your Magic ArtIrene Beddies
Tender CorrespondenceIrene Beddies
The Fall of ManMarc Backhaus
Behind the garden tentMarc Backhaus
Limerick #1Marc Backhaus
Witching HourIrene Beddies
The TitIngo Baumgartner
God of the InternetJoseph Trance
The Lake in WintertimeIrene Beddies
But I´ll never take this ring offStefanie Haertel
EnchantmentIrene Beddies
UncertaintyIrene Beddies
At Lake WannseeWolfgang Steinmann
DespairIrene Beddies
BITING COLDJoshua Akinwande
PromiseIrene Beddies
Solitary BeachIrene Beddies
Early-LateWolfgang Steinmann
The City I Live inMario Canto
Talking to MyselfMario Canto
The invisible touchStefanie Haertel
New YearIrene Beddies
I find a paradiseJörg Dahlbeck
When You Think You Can'tJoseph Trance
WHY XMAS ?Ray Boorman
StillJoseph Trance
Against The Silent NightJoseph Trance
The Thane of EvenruudWolfgang Steinmann
the flower and the sunKelly Agosto
Christmas TimeIrene Beddies
Beginning of LoveIrene Beddies
LOVE DIDACTICSJoshua Akinwande
NovemberIrene Beddies
unforgivenConny Kirsten
Fairy TaleIrene Beddies
Ere Winter ComesIrene Beddies
With all the Joy our little Soul beholdsLars Schmitt
BrokenFergal Dunne
Bavaria.Daniel Knecht
DIAMONDJoshua Akinwande
Rain Fall on UsDorsey Baker
The Final HitFergal Dunne
Rush Not To Me GirlFergal Dunne
It Was the WindSilwe Stoll
An Eyeful of PromiseDennis Eteng
City ViewFergal Dunne
My LifeFergal Dunne
Love Is The EnemyFergal Dunne
The Time Of LoveJennifer Daniel
Protest poemSusan King
beautiful feetOluwakemi Amusan
blessedStefanie Haertel
The Lay of the Singing WillowsMaike Bodry
How to heal a broken heartStefanie Haertel
freedom ridersTilman Otto Wagner
RIGHT TO LOVEJoshua Akinwande
NightLars Schmitt
Apocalypse nowHeino Suess
Howling WindDorsey Baker
Willing to learnStefanie Haertel
confidenceChristine F.
A KIND OF IDIOM (2)Jens Marquard
FAMILYJens Marquard
The three most important foundations of povertyThomas Kreuter
A KIND OF IDIOMJens Marquard
No lookKlaus Meier
The Odd KidLars Schmitt
I'm A CowboyLars Schmitt
Don't You EverLars Schmitt
Strongly againstKlaus Meier
Just The Dog In YouDorsey Baker
Marching FeetDorsey Baker
Fighter, You Fight-Dorsey Baker
RavingMelanie Schäfer
Image as the World You SeeDorsey Baker
Joy Ride DepartureDanielle Marie Armstrong
Baby I´m Your Ice Cream ManDorsey Baker
train wreck of lifeDorsey Baker
Morning RainDorsey Baker
AwakeningLothar Schwalm
It Just Takes TimeDorsey Baker
POEMTilman Otto Wagner
Self-RealizationLothar Schwalm
Why did you made me ...?Hannis Eriksson
LOVELANDJoshua Akinwande
Magical mystery (funny magic mania)Pradip Gore
First datePradip Gore
If God Was Not, A Lovng GodDorsey Baker
Looking Too Much BehindDorsey Baker
Dreams of ashNadège Ango-Obiang
As I wroteMeike Schrut
WHY THE RUSH?Joshua Akinwande
ABOVE THE CLOUDJoshua Akinwande
Evil WomanDorsey Baker
Description of an angelMeike Schrut
Family BloodDorsey Baker
Baby Do You Wish Me Dead?Dorsey Baker
A Snake Sheds Its LifeDorsey Baker
"Would you marry for money" She replied....Ray Boorman
Love GivesDorsey Baker
My Guitar Is A Friend Of MineDorsey Baker
Get A LifeDorsey Baker
Sedated NatureDean Harries
The River And MeKrista Rottensteiner-Sieger
Society Is No ShowDorsey Baker
In A State OF MindDorsey Baker
Mancunian MistsMelanie Schäfer
When You Think About LoveDorsey Baker
Look at the LoveBirdsDorsey Baker
SUPERMANJoshua Akinwande
This Feeling Called LoveDorsey Baker
Dreams, dreams take me awayDelphinne Medabalimi
Such A Beautiful SightDorsey Baker
Tornados In AlabamaJoseph Trance
CLEMENCYJoshua Akinwande
Until You Find LoveDorsey Baker
Love TriangleDorsey Baker
Love On The CrossJoseph Trance
Com Pat AbilityDorsey Baker
The confusingMeike Schrut
Glorious MorningRay Boorman
Jesus and Energizer RabbitJoseph Trance
Call the Police!Dorsey Baker
I HAVE YOUJoshua Akinwande
AlexandraMaddiie Vali
when sometimesNorman Möschter
ZekeMaddiie Vali
DEAR MOTHERJoshua Akinwande
IN MY DREAMJoshua Akinwande
be the oneBahia Baya
The OthersKegan N.
WORLD WITHOUT WOMEN (www)Joshua Akinwande
Planted DreamsUrsula Tillmann
the little voiceFrançoise Urban-Menninger
Love SonnetJasmine Shaw
The meadow daffodilsFrançoise Urban-Menninger
FRIEND IN YOUJoshua Akinwande
METHUSELAHJoshua Akinwande
RAINFALL; the Earth answered prayersJoshua Akinwande
AWAY FROM HOMEJoshua Akinwande
CANNOT WAITJoshua Akinwande
Knowing you are not aloneHanneke
A NIGHT AT ONITSHAJoshua Akinwande
MORE THAN GOLDJoshua Akinwande
SET ME FREEJoshua Akinwande
Out in the coldJens Schriwer
The Timeless MansionPatrick Betzin
MY DOGRay Boorman
DiscoveryLindsay Mayer
persuasionCordula Heuser
GhostsCarolina Geck
A FriendElisab Beatriz Valero
Caged inParrish Broadnax II
Isn´t it ironic??Jennifer Wollenweber
Isser tot?Berni Kestoi
My sweet salvationChristian Werthmann
The moment you feel lovedStefanie Haertel
Cold kissesAndy Klemm
Bride of DuskAndy Klemm
Vampiric DreamAndy Klemm
Healing AbuseIngrid E. Patrick
Sweet ChristmasAlessa Rohe
LoveAnna Höfler
Lovely oneUte Abele
It needs no wordsMeike Schrut
The feeling, the longing remains for goodMeike Schrut
Baby GiftJoseph Trance
Lives like in the reverse gearMeike Schrut
OCEANRiina Törmä
Day for the dead peopleMeike Schrut
VOGUEJens Marquard
HOPE - HOFFNUNGIngrid E. Patrick
Where I'm fromThomas Siegele
I AM A CHILD OF LOVEIngrid E. Patrick
Lives, allow to liveMeike Schrut
DarlingJennifer Daniel
The will of HEAVENKazeronnie Mak
What am IJocelyn Henderson
What happened to me?Paulin Perduglé
For that womanMeike Schrut
Peculiar joyMeike Schrut
The pastMeike Schrut
SoliloquiesMeike Schrut
Wigs and BottlesErika Seetzen-Woods
YouMichael A. Fischer
SomeoneMaren Sandkuhl
All I only want you --- TO CAREKazeronnie Mak
TransfusionJoseph Trance
You were pretendingMotsamai Maqadika
How do you feel tell me...Motsamai Maqadika
My Mandolin LoveSusanne Waldbrunner
Dear SisterErika Seetzen-Woods
The HurricaneMaddiie Vali
Soul painMeike Schrut
requiemConny Kirsten
To the eternity.......Kazeronnie Mak
"Home? I have brought YOU in no home."Meike Schrut
Perpetual ReposeMike Arnold
Remember meStefanie Haertel
I´m crazy but in a nice wayStefanie Haertel
Why I wait for the time...Meike Schrut
My Best FriendBrittany Walker
LoveTamara Heid
NoteworthinessMeike Schrut
my ideas from 1989 to the film "Yentl"Meike Schrut
"Cupid" 1 from March, 1990Meike Schrut
On My KneesJoseph Trance
Yellow sweetMeike Schrut
TirednessMeike Schrut
1. Ways to God.Meike Schrut
Time of the lonelinessMeike Schrut
The blue roseMeike Schrut
TraumaLion Kroeze
I need youJonas King
In my small eternityMeike Schrut
Ode to My DreamsCharles Griffith
Why I need these thoughtsMeike Schrut
Black And WhiteRonald Kohls
This kind of summerMeike Schrut
The invariable gardener - ( The constant gardener )Meike Schrut
You resemble me - or: Lines to the sonMeike Schrut
7/5/1992 and 7/5/2010Meike Schrut
There is nobody back more - pity?Meike Schrut
Praying to GalaxyKazeronnie Mak
Me and GodMichael A. Fischer
Another day afterwardsMeike Schrut
Why I had to go - or: the 1st day in the hospital in 1992Meike Schrut
The BeAt (at Home)Robert Fischaleck
Dream of FirefliesMichael A. Fischer
The infatuation love is caused the entire life with regretsKazeronnie Mak
Every Lovesong visits BrightonRobert Fischaleck
Es gibt sie noch...Julia Schmidt
Life is like a crystal ball of fortuneKazeronnie Mak
I got a nameKazeronnie Mak
I'd rather be a flower than a stoneRobert Fischaleck
It’s good to be differentStefanie Haertel
a dancer on random wordsRobert Fischaleck
If I were for realKazeronnie Mak
BlissElizabeth Hatfield
NothingElizabeth Hatfield
Our passion is understandingRobert Fischaleck
The Lonely Wizard (Part III): Sword of PowerAndreas Aschberg
The Lonely Wizard (Part II): Black Rain from MordorAndreas Aschberg
The Lonely Wizard (Part I): The ForebodingAndreas Aschberg
thank YouRobert Fischaleck
"You will grow old in dignity"Meike Schrut
InterludeKazeronnie Mak
You have luck, more than meMeike Schrut
No 2nd child, but.....Meike Schrut
With exhaustion and with strength fill upMeike Schrut
simply complicatedMJ Hamilton
Forgotten lookMeike Schrut
The last ButterflyMJ Hamilton
TimeMichael A. Fischer
Eulogy on a FlyIngrid Lehmann
Who Am I To Judge Her?Maddiie Vali
Africa, you are poor and richThomas Kreuter
Life and HonorThomas Kreuter
I write a little more slowly.Meike Schrut
Because of too much zestIoana Geier
That DressRichard DeMars
CuriosityMeike Schrut
King of the BackyardSherla Chen
Unbalanced poemIoana Geier
Easter 2010Meike Schrut
Hey, little boyTanja W.
The virginity of lifeVeerle Vanspauwen
The cherry flowers ropesIoana Geier
The WorkThomas Kreuter
The LoveThomas Kreuter
The HousewifeThomas Kreuter
It turned blue up beyond the fiddleIoana Geier
Coarse thread of lonelinessIoana Geier
Twin nomadic wingsIoana Geier
The first poem in August, 2009Meike Schrut
God of GodlessMichael A. Fischer
SoulmateLion Kroeze
BillyGloria Harris
A Yoni DreamRichard DeMars
Social (s)kills at first....Susanne Bruschke
Mr PsychologistLion Kroeze
It are still my inspiration, but.....Meike Schrut
It's Not LikeLars Schmitt
MiszelianusMeike Schrut
My Favorites Fits Me Just RightMauchian Saunders
Could feel it in her heartArnfried Gunther
My Dreams Are BadLars Schmitt
Falling through darknessChristina Thomas
Right hereChristina Thomas
Loneliness, My True CompanionLars Schmitt
The life hid?Meike Schrut
The draw seasonsIoana Geier
Riding On A CarrouselLars Schmitt
TerribleIoana Geier
In another, not dying lightMeike Schrut
Walking summernightsChristina Thomas
Where is your hatred from?Christina Thomas
Hope for youChristina Thomas
For me onlyMeike Schrut
falsenessMeike Schrut
Worth of societyTino "DiRus" Zwarg
If somebody has gone too earlyMeike Schrut
Of the teased once?!Meike Schrut
Insolent?!Meike Schrut
Where even the innocence dies...Meike Schrut
The UnknownLouise Grätz
Where is the way?Susanne Nübel
If it does not allow to come in addition. or: without talkingMeike Schrut
A kiss hidden from the worldRob Hanna
HaikuIoana Geier
Drama in the airMeike Schrut
Let me just over and over again have funMeike Schrut
I am a wild virginIoana Geier
My obitSwati Krishnan
Alone with courageSwati Krishnan
SnowworldChristiane Mielck-Retzdorff
First KissMairaj Zindran
A helpful dreamMeike Schrut
LifeLeon Heuchert
Just this hangman should and must die here!Meike Schrut
bloody moonConny Kirsten
Man's friendshipMeike Schrut
Escape in another timeMeike Schrut
Attempt of an interpretationMeike Schrut
There is no nice day to the deathMeike Schrut
What may I during these daysMeike Schrut
DistributionMeike Schrut
HOW IT FEELSJens Marquard
We crush into the sky's mirror dancingIoana Geier
The prayer of separationIoana Geier
Keep MeJoseph Trance
Un nombreAriel Forestale
True loveMeike Schrut
Ite, missa estMeike Schrut
SONG POETRYJens Marquard
ECSTASYJens Marquard
PsychosisLion Kroeze
Fade awayPhilipp Moisel
What would one see....?Meike Schrut
So much I do not think, if...Meike Schrut
The Gift of YouJoseph Trance
Wish for a strong mindMeike Schrut
Ancient times and today...Meike Schrut
Pyramid or rock graveMeike Schrut
Wrong imaginationMeike Schrut
BorderlineLion Kroeze
Whether should one read it?Meike Schrut
What remains...Meike Schrut
Christmas' First LoveJoseph Trance
You may be right, but...Meike Schrut
TrustTanja W.
Helplessly...Meike Schrut
Collective consciousLion Kroeze
IcilyMeike Schrut
SheLupita Mueller
Edward NortonLion Kroeze
PrinceLion Kroeze
HeavenLion Kroeze
An excuse to liveMiguel Rijo
Piano pianissimoIoana Geier
lost and foundNorman Möschter
ReincarnationLion Kroeze
The UnicornVickie Moore
QuestionsJanine Benkert
Fifteen Tear DropsEricka Felton
Old longingsMeike Schrut
Miss youHanneke
Wines not.Meike Schrut
EverytimeAlexandra Begemann
soonNorman Möschter
DeceptionMeike Schrut
Alphabet Soup ChildrenJoseph Trance
The uncertainMeike Schrut
Really jocularly?!Meike Schrut
Philosophical one linersLion Kroeze
Also I know a lightMeike Schrut
Mother-Wanna-BeHollie Walker
PowerlessLion Kroeze
At night for MY birthday?!Meike Schrut
No ode, however: Lines to the autumnMeike Schrut
The vegetable gardenDiane Frost
YOUR EYESGuadalupe Carrera Vidal
Wrong thoughtsMeike Schrut
Ladybird plague?Meike Schrut
"Idiot Stupid Jerk"Joseph Trance
A little IMeike Schrut
Soul livesMeike Schrut
Old person 1.Meike Schrut
The wishHollie Walker
Pensive 2Meike Schrut
My surpriseMeike Schrut
Pensive 1Meike Schrut
Puppy-TroubleJutta Walker
DesireMichelle Fouché
The "N0-ing" of GodJoseph Trance
Attempt to interpret a sentence.Meike Schrut
Reflexion about the angelMeike Schrut
Homage for actor Ralph FiennesMeike Schrut
Tounge-TwistersJutta Walker
The Black Pearls Of Bora BoraWolfgang Appell
doorsConny Kirsten
silenceConny Kirsten
Today I´m beautifulStefanie Haertel
Poor Marvin the Alligator - english versionJutta Walker
Jesus and the Dirty DiaperJoseph Trance
Meeting DadJoseph Trance
No rain on meStefanie Haertel
God and Radio WavesJoseph Trance
Tell me how to breathMJ Hamilton
Beauty IS only skin-deepJutta Walker
StruggleMaren Sandkuhl
Join the crowdDirk Schumacher
For You And All I Have LostMichaela Wallat
Mama don´t cryStefanie Haertel
Daddy!Maria Stern
For Michael Joseph JacksonAndrea Regine Meixner
Friendship means FreedomDirk Schumacher
REDLIGHTJens Marquard
The RainTammy L C StClair
Your love is meaninglessUrsula Brieke-Brinkmann
A WOMAN´S FATEJens Marquard
i love youMelissa Vanbecelaere
Good night, MoonwalkerCornelia Bystricky
Double HelixJoseph Trance
You are specialDeepak Kumar
I put all my faith in youDirk Schumacher
Letting you goIsabelle Lenk
MY MANSIONJens Marquard
The week before...Jasmine Shaw
A DAY AT THE BAYJens Marquard
Growing up...Jasmine Shaw
CONTRASTSJens Marquard
ROCKABLE TROUBLE (Duett)Jens Marquard
PERFECTJens Marquard
Everlasting LoveGrainne Osullivan
BirthdayLucyTaylor Caroline XxXx
Damage for freeSven Wagner
SpellLupita Mueller
IT IS OVERJens Marquard
BillyChristiane Mielck-Retzdorff
BulliesMarie Burgoyne
DJ ScullySarah Horgan
ApocalypseNiamh + Oona Hasbach
i like chineeseBecky Hennigan
Thinkin' of youShirley Ehling
for early mayMartin Winter
You would be perfekt for meStefanie Haertel
The BelovedZul Ariffin
PureZul Ariffin
The NightZul Ariffin
A closer GodZul Ariffin
Without youMichel Pauwels
A map of a non-existent treasure ( The mistakes´s weight )Miguel Rijo
Lost in FriendshipShweta Kelkar
Stop ViolenceShweta Kelkar
Empty SpaceJoseph Trance
This World of OursJames Woods
Sierra Madre del SurWalter F. Herz
lost and foundNorman Möschter
seen through my eyesHanneke
For A FixAnthony Scalise
The Magic of a box of sand from St. Thomas MountGeorge Rockwell
No AccidentJoseph Trance
This Adventure Has to ContinueKim Haslam
Security FoundationJoseph Trance
Cancer KillerJoseph Trance
Face of an angelNika Baum
No chance for loving youIsabelle Lenk
Why is threre no fairy tale for me?Stefanie Haertel
FearSven Wagner
What they cannot take away from meStefanie Haertel
The fires of hellDirk Schumacher
Evil DreamsDirk Schumacher
Touched by the sunRoland Haus
Death is not the end, or?Hans Peter Strassl
the golden leafJoaquin Cajiao
one minute summerNika Baum
A daddy´s girlStefanie Haertel
That Bottle's ShameKim Haslam
The Moment of Truth in Love and PainKim Haslam
LOVE LETTERJens Marquard
This GirlKim Haslam
WITH YOUJens Marquard
PUNCTUALJens Marquard
THE CLUBJens Marquard
My smileNika Baum
PEACEJens Marquard
MEETJens Marquard
My LifeMartina Grabenweger
My Life and IAmberlee Hampton
Liturgy in Cruet I´m a writer and classical musician from NgNichola Okoro
Again and again and again...Nika Baum
Italian ArithmeticsIngrid E. Patrick
The BasementJeff Mount
mystic waterNika Baum
river of tearsNika Baum
He is the one!Rolf Pollberg
new year resolutionArun Kurkute
Indian SpiritPetra Ewering
Progress is ...Rolf Pollberg
Yes, you can!Rolf Pollberg
My ThoughtsCatherine Carr
The Politic-Free PoemLeah Barker
It is not trueUte Bund
JadedArne Bister
Queens HallArne Bister
Take this as you mayJustin Barnard
Time and AgainArne Bister
I´ll always care for you ( dedicated to my godchild)Stefanie Haertel
Let´s escape the truth for tonightStefanie Haertel
YouStefanie Haertel
Nice guyMirjam Hoff
why don´t confess to you?Hicham Kassi
What has become of you?Silke Kaun
Sun was going downSilke Kaun
The UnknownGracy Stone
Late realizationRainer Tiemann
I wish...Jutta Knubel
Dew of a rosePetra Ewering
AgainClaudia Stechmesser
Will GodGracy Stone
A Vicious CirlceThorsten Heim
Would You Forgive Me?Ericka Felton
Undefine the rulesAlexander Schulz
NeverJutta Knubel
Between Blackholes and OblivionErwin Maramat
Night tonightMichael Glauer
Eternal loveFrank Sperling
A thing called loveJanine Benkert
The WindAnna Burstedde-Raptis
WORKBirgit Börner
RemorseJanine Benkert
Platonic LoveFrank Sperling
at least someoneSarah Klee
We need you !Anna Burstedde-Raptis
save our soulArun Kurkute
Bad Old TimesJan Hofmann
paper dragonHeike Gewi
hot sandHeike Gewi
out of orderHeike Gewi
Cross the lineSusanne Bruschke
I don´t want lost myselfJutta Knubel
Show me.....Jutta Knubel
Her GroundArne Bister
rough dayHeike Gewi
Declaration of LoveArne Bister
I feel lonelyIngrid E. Patrick
No MusicArne Bister
Old Gaffer GanderMollyBee Welkin
No DandelionArne Bister
(S)ailingArne Bister
Riddle I - KissArne Bister
Unlive my lifeArne Bister
Still Waters Ring DeepArne Bister
LostArne Bister
EmalaithAnna Burstedde-Raptis
Saoirse EireannAstrid Droll
Just beforeAnna Burstedde-Raptis
Life is wonderfulMauro Montacchiesi
THERE IS A SKYMauro Montacchiesi
OceanDelila Scorthen
The last curtainFritz Rubin
spring moonHeike Gewi
BlindLaura Sorg
Too lateJulia Cramer
What can I do to make you see what you really mean to me?Jill Ackermann
messConny Kirsten
DeeperStephanie Grothues
From rosebudsHeike Gewi
Oh Yes !Martina Schmolke. Dr. med.
Unreasonable DemandMartina Schmolke. Dr. med.
Too crazy in thinking!R. S. (male)
You were here for me!R. S. (male)
Dream girl!R. S. (male)
Hello me!R. S. (male)
What the hell happened to me?R. S. (male)
SaveJohnny Send
angel and iceHeike Gewi
spendingHeike Gewi
spiderHeike Gewi
colorsHeike Gewi
A breezeHeike Gewi
My PrinceIvana Herrmann
rainHeike Gewi
FallingClaudia Stechmesser
Lifeless Parody Of Mrs EstranhoMichael Glauer
the wind is gonna take it allNorman Möschter
Ghost Have I becomeDavid Vanlandingham
A MotherEveline Holzken
America votes in 2008Ingrid E. Patrick
lightTomas Schulz
Our SongStefanie Haertel
Shores of LoveJames Reeves
If I was blind...Joe R.
HomelandIris Ritter
My PoetryTammy L C StClair
WordsGabriella von Schadewitz
BlissGabriella von Schadewitz
A common futureBjörn Peglau (Born)
The yellow frontlinePierre Heinen
The RoadJacob Kapp
Let me tell youJoe R.
So not ready to miss it!Isabelle Lenk
it hurt so muchTammy L C StClair
My white marePierre Heinen
I'm tryingMichael Glauer
Walking down that roadAtul Aherwar
Things are never as good as through children’s eyesStefanie Haertel
The black dreamPierre Heinen
Your picture in my handsPierre Heinen
Burned outKarl Wiener
2.30 a.m. isolationConny Kirsten
Away from herePierre Heinen
Being oldHanna Hauser
ConsolationKarl Wiener
SalsaKatrin Blatnik
loyaltyArun Kurkute
SpurnYvonne Schroeder
EmbraceConny Kirsten
Desperte de NuevoFortunato Maycotte
Throwaways: He IIJohn R. Cowan Sr.
Throwaways: HeJohn R. Cowan Sr.
Winds of IceTobias Keitel
The Vampire Strikes BackSascha Kana
FreedomErika Seetzen-Woods
Inside Of MeJoe R.
The little girl from far awayKaroline Goldberg
I am a lover of sleepArun Kurkute
AliceAnnika Modis
how longArun Kurkute
all the bestArun Kurkute
what thenArun Kurkute
an invitationArun Kurkute
others are others why othersArun Kurkute
our roleArun Kurkute
lend your cooperative handsArun Kurkute
right or left part2Mike Hennig
socialworkerArun Kurkute
lifeArun Kurkute
victimisation of blind personsArun Kurkute
Future???Edda Graedener
right or leftMike Hennig
I cannotMike Hennig
reliable artArun Kurkute
workerArun Kurkute
Sweet Shaped DreamsMichael Glauer
me by myselfMaggie Schmidt
The Naked PassengerJoe R.
My lovely sonMelanie Bösing
Heaven's angrySaskia Hartmann
Where do we go from here?Ursula Brieke-Brinkmann
A Dog Named RoverMaggie Harden
I love youEdda Graedener
LostChristian Kramer
living a lieMia Nervosa
Fight against invisibleSusanne Bruschke
whispering nightsRobert Fischaleck
nowherelandConny Kirsten
Circle of DepressionHeike Helmert
Deep In The ForestsBettina Seeger
Now-todayEdda Graedener
FamiliarWendy C. Barton
Seemed so realHeike Helmert
A rose is a roseNadja Fischer
inconditional pastValérie Bergmann
First VerabredungKlaus Friedrich
Love me tonightMelanie Lietz
Land of confusionRoland Haus
UnderneathWendy C. Barton
Just good enough for a laughRené Marczynski
wasting beautyAnnette Schoene
Kingdom of the lightRoland Haus
Hellway downSusanne Bruschke
A Homosexual JerkHeike Helmert
A sign of changeRené Marczynski
DaypainSven Reinfrank
PowerWendy C. Barton
A WhileMichael Glauer
Burning FleshWendy C. Barton
PleaseKrunoslav Setka
LoveJuli Beuys
You are my angelJill Ackermann
Homeless boy - where are you going?Laura Sorg
fear for the next day, pleaseLisa Osthaus
you...Katrin Blatnik
loved only youLisa Osthaus
Night of sorrowMaik Hollenberg
My words to youLunise St-Pierre
You are my ValentineErika Seetzen-Woods
Something mysteriousConstanze A.
AwayJill Ackermann
Dream OnHayley Hartmann
Beautiful DateCarmen Schordie
inbetweenConny Kirsten
The woman who tooks the ways of freedom whith happinessChristian Merle
This dance of loveRobert Fischaleck
The EndMichael Glauer
Would you mind...?Katrin Blatnik
The NEEDWendy C. Barton
Angel Of DeathFrancis Craig
Michael arisesRené Marczynski
NeverMaria Peters
UntitledMarina Mura
At Michaels SideRené Marczynski
Inkstains on my fingersHendrik Sollich
To DeathWendy C. Barton
Where the ground is made of starsVictoria Steiof
Fancy Nancy - or why yesterday does matterMartin Fries
letters to DjannaRobert Fischaleck
StormBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda
a flowerRobert Fischaleck
When you sleep....I still love youSebastian Pillkowsky
Blind people walkingSebastian Pillkowsky
an unforgetable loveOumnia Nejda
constelada in the twilightLiz Martínez
funeral of heartsJohann Hauder
WindJennifer Uhle
Lack of serotoneJustyna Stanisz
learning to walkRobert Fischaleck
MistakeWendy C. Barton
The Greatest AchievementAmy Buchanan
I'm Doing FineMichael Glauer
the darkMaren Sandkuhl
The Living SeasonsMichael Trimmel
Walking in PeaceBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda
We are the sameRobert Fischaleck
Doping worldBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda
A Gentle Killer..Ndim Muhanad
soul clockBill Piccolo
ParalyzedSophie Williamson
Freedom On the wayBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda
Lost and FoundMaren Strohmeier
Being YoingBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda
remainsBill Piccolo
Second Chances, Part One: 'Pain'Katrin Blatnik
Being youngBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda
My Life of DragonsKitty Hamagochy
Ocean of GoodbyesJustyna Stanisz
never stopKatharina Zwior
Hey, you with your head held high!Justyna Stanisz
Is this the reason for living? (By a pessimist)Justyna Stanisz
Don´t look at meKatrin Blatnik
for R.Katharina Zwior
Back to lifeSabine Müller
Wednesday MorningMax Burchard
Take a ChanceWendy C. Barton
ImbueWendy C. Barton
Not MineWendy C. Barton
Remote Love StoryKatharina Zwior
Consuming ThoughtsWendy C. Barton
My cold black holeJustyna Stanisz
Imaginary LoverWendy C. Barton
Wood SpiritRobert Gatewood
Just warmth...Jens Schriwer
a question of luckAndreas Schulz
PossessionWendy C. Barton
Is It Worth It?Wendy C. Barton
Where is the warmth gone?Justyna Stanisz
A Gentle Liar..Ndim Muhanad
MemoriesJustyna Stanisz
Crimson Lies..Ndim Muhanad
Revenge..Ndim Muhanad
Silence..Ndim Muhanad
Today's worldSandra Würdig
The Longest NightRobert Gatewood
No war, no cryStefanie Haertel
Underneath In ThereDrazen Boskic
HumanDagny Kraas
I lied and said No..Ndim Muhanad
The Power of LoveDagny Kraas
My adviceLena Bredmeier
Would you teach me?Ndim Muhanad
For my OwnMichael Glauer
A beauty lover..Ndim Muhanad
Life´s journeyJasmin Arnold
What do you do at this moment I think of you..Ndim Muhanad
Leave..Ndim Muhanad
Some of my own words..Ndim Muhanad
sunset to sunriseBritta Johnson
Need For BloodCarolin Schwab
A knight, a king, a slave and a lover..Ndim Muhanad
My Odessa..Ndim Muhanad
Sweets For AlexandraDrazen Boskic
WishesDagny Kraas
Have you been lately in love?Ndim Muhanad
NeitaDrazen Boskic
truthNorman Möschter
My Muse..Ndim Muhanad
Reality CheckBruno Huber
Snowflakes From ChevalierDrazen Boskic
RenateDrazen Boskic
In The Spring TimeDrazen Boskic
Lies..Ndim Muhanad
Give A Little BreakDrazen Boskic
My Own Lies..Ndim Muhanad
An Arabian Lover..Ndim Muhanad
Drowning StrangersDrazen Boskic
DeadlineDrazen Boskic
Alto´s PathDrazen Boskic
Adrian´s WavesDrazen Boskic
Way of a poemCarolin Schwab
A Crazy MatchDrazen Boskic
Death's Callin'Carolin Schwab
A Chubby TaleDrazen Boskic
Yesterday-TomorrowCarolin Schwab
With A Good IntentionDrazen Boskic
VelocityCarolin Schwab
WhirlwindDrazen Boskic
Toast´s on HerDrazen Boskic
´Round The MoonDrazen Boskic
Not A ChangeDrazen Boskic
Went WrongMichael Glauer
MarmaladeDrazen Boskic
Mahogany MuseDrazen Boskic
Gear - Box BoysDrazen Boskic
At The White Women InnDrazen Boskic
AdamiteDrazen Boskic
A Ghost StyleDrazen Boskic
Water GunDrazen Boskic
The Other PlatformDrazen Boskic
Pola´s AshtrayDrazen Boskic
Metro BoyDrazen Boskic
Ordinary ManMichael Glauer
LiquorDrazen Boskic
In TruthDrazen Boskic
The Muse of SadnessKina Anike
Fettle Little StainsDrazen Boskic
Ex UmbrisDrazen Boskic
The Marriage ContractPeter Grädel
Compulsive HabitDrazen Boskic
Bumble - Bee´s FlightDrazen Boskic
Haikus 5575Mike Arnold
Agent Is A BallerinaDrazen Boskic
FarewellSophie Williamson
Still Drowning InDrazen Boskic
Police QueenDrazen Boskic
Orange LashDrazen Boskic
Marcello´s PartyDrazen Boskic
StartRoland Haus
All made of iceDrazen Boskic
507 Service BoyDrazen Boskic
Behind my agonyMichael P.
Angel of the nightMatthieu Stange
Daily RoutineAriane Hofmann
Good Morning, Mr. PresidentPeter Grädel
Rip offConny Kirsten
AwakeRoland Haus
My FriendThomas Spiekermann
AngelAnna Lüscher
PaperboyMichael Glauer
Cause of DeathJörg Dahlbeck
life's runningCarolin Schwab
Just PainAmelie Zeuner
Best friends do not make loveInes Wertenbroch
Green is the colour of hopeCarolin Schwab
SolitudeCarolin Schwab
Girl with a gunMichael Glauer
AllrightDeborah Wolf
Alone in the nightLaura Bosch
endless mazeStefanie Haertel
I'd love to beNorman Möschter
Union FallMichael Glauer
BrokenMartine Meyer
Red TearsCarolin Schwab
nightsConny Kirsten
You don't stayFelix Kretschmer
Dreamin'Nicole Scheidegger
My FriendIvana Herrmann
Nocturnal RomanceIvana Herrmann
first I thought... Now, I know....Maria Gebhardt
infectedEric Köhler
LiarJelena Knauer
BabyStefanie Haertel
In disguiseJune F. Duncan
Lovesong to a Daytrip (KTT)Gaby Bleckmann
Just for youThomas Kalbitz
ShiverAlison Hurney
Moonlight shiningThomas Kalbitz
humblyConny Kirsten
Just another Love PoemJasmin Räbsamen
drift awayStefanie Haertel
All along the lineConny Kirsten
PigeonMichael Glauer
Join in deathJasmin Räbsamen
Where Life BeginsClaudio Micale
LeavingJasmin Räbsamen
sword and daggerConny Kirsten
Stranger in the NightSuzanne Jaccaz
nightmare goes realityJoe Stuckenschnieder
Another try and we'll dieFelix Kretschmer
TrackerRonald Deutschland
WarmaschineBen Kirch
4 Streets AwayMichael Glauer
liebe ist....Robert Kretschmann
longingConny Kirsten
Amor meets cute womanJoe Stuckenschnieder
The DreamInga Nielsen
Go OnMichael Glauer
One evening...Ivana Herrmann
Sonnet for JanetMichael Glauer
**For you**Aleksandra Bilcane
Friendship, War, Love, Peace…The Story!!!Abderrahmane Ouacham
One-Way to madness, please.Vadim Pryde
Hang-gliderErika Seetzen-Woods
Lapse Of Memory !!!Abderrahmane Ouacham
melvericHendrik Sollich
Last Wishes !!!Abderrahmane Ouacham
ImmortalityClaudio Micale
DandelionsErika Seetzen-Woods
Why?Nadine Graul
in love with an automaticHendrik Sollich
If!!!!Abderrahmane Ouacham
Sniper's EyeSven Reinfrank
Inner ThoughtsSabrina Goergen
Downtown BikingBen Kirch
Midnight Queen (lyrics)Benjamin Tamboer
Season's greetingsAndreas Galambos
To a Moth - song by the fire (lyrics)Benjamin Tamboer
How IronicFelix Kretschmer
Confusing? - Clearly!Andreas Galambos
Above the skyEdmund Huditz
A Knight's LetterVadim Pryde
Unknown SoldierFelix Kretschmer
RomanceRobert Michael Lambert
Broken HeartJessica Lischewski
Beginning and EndingAnnkatrin Rothe
do you love meJohanna Goegele
deadAisha Ahmad
Don't be afraidJohann Piber
Pain and other punishmentsHendrik Neumann
My broken HeartJessica Gast
ExhaleClaudio Micale
With youJasmine Eigenbrod
I´m not like you !!!Carolin Schneider
RainbowClaudio Micale
Stupid Cupid!Andreas Galambos
After the FireClaudio Micale
Precious MomentsClaudio Micale
You´re a part of my lifeMichel Rösli
dark side of lifeConny Kirsten
LifeAndreas Galambos
Nobody CaresCarolin Schwab
FragilityClaudio Micale
Just SittingCarolin Schwab
Where are you?Andreas Galambos
The Pain InsideCarolin Schwab
Windsmere MorningClaudio Micale
Rainy DaysClaudio Micale
paying the priceRalf Weitzel
transienceRalf Weitzel
ExistenceClaudio Micale
Your heart in my handsAriane Hofmann
Our TreeAriane Hofmann
A ChoiceFelix Kretschmer
The knight and the mirror!Enrique Catalán Salgado
Why do I write?Erika Seetzen-Woods
First attempt - TFASebastian Schwöbel
REFLECTIONSRichard Rodriguez
Re-Joycing verseEdmund Huditz
The YOU inside MEAndreas Schulz
The nature and the humanity, who survive?Alexandra Vowinkel
Find some ParadiseStefanie Haertel
The Way of LifeLars Schmitt
DadPetronella Steevensz
EnthusiasmErika Seetzen-Woods
Is this Me...?Sarah Lang
Come With MeMichael Glauer
World Trade TributeRichard Rodriguez
EternityHeiko Schlör
WITHDRAWALRichard Rodriguez
Highway MarkersRichard Rodriguez
Engulfed In PassionRichard Rodriguez
AfterglowMichael Glauer
Sweet KartarsisStefanie Haertel
When you stare at meFranziska Haselwanter
Susie (tanka)Billy Majeski
FearRichard Rodriguez
Getting ForgetfulPetronella Steevensz
PetalsRichard Rodriguez
Little things of life.Jessie Munroe
Father´s DaySharon Brasher
Life`s Whole BeingErika Seetzen-Woods
DaybreakStephanie Fuchs
FebruaryKenyah Boehme
A KissMichael Glauer
PromiseJessie Munroe
GoodbyeJessie Munroe
Her DestinyKenyah Boehme
Thoughts on a DreamRón Ginn
SometimesAntonia Giesecke
Out in the coldJens Schriwer
Game of LifeNatascha Sifnakis
NightmaresNatascha Sifnakis
Lighthouse KeeperNatascha Sifnakis
RepentanceNatascha Sifnakis
SunsetKristina Korus
An Angel to FriendAntonia Giesecke
My heart......At What Cost?Ericka Felton
Dreaming beholderCarolin Pandikow
Where did you go?Meagan Hightower
Something is missingYvonne Grahm
darkness around youCarolin Schwab
Reclaiming emptinessVictoria Steiof
Californian SummerMichael Trimmel
Among StrangersNatascha Sifnakis
The Little MermaidMichael Trimmel
RainbowJustine Knolle
LongingsYasleh Rita Ayu Mat Yassin
The Man I First LovedAmy Tussing
A moments thoughtGisa Wierzchowski
Leaving East GermanyGisa Wierzchowski
DrunkGisa Wierzchowski
AfraidGisa Wierzchowski
JOYErika Seetzen-Woods
SmokeGisa Wierzchowski
Cyberspace HopesErika Seetzen-Woods
IslandGisa Wierzchowski
DreamingErika Seetzen-Woods
The Makeover MaestroErika Seetzen-Woods
Fairy GlenJames Woods
Holiday BreakErika Seetzen-Woods
HeartbreakJames Woods
HushIvana Herrmann
Fields Of GoldIvana Herrmann
Into the Never-EndingIvana Herrmann
Walk in the ParkJames Woods
Mountain CloudJames Woods
Nature´s GiftsJames Woods
LONDONErika Seetzen-Woods
Writer´s BlockJames Woods
Chasing your DreamGisa Wierzchowski
The Image in the SandJames Woods
AcrosticErika Seetzen-Woods
Life´s Sweet SensationsJames Woods
InconsistencyErika Seetzen-Woods
The LandscapeJames Woods
Here Comes SummerJames Woods
The GladiatorJames Woods
Our BungalowErika Seetzen-Woods
unconsciousGisa Wierzchowski
Music for MeGisa Wierzchowski
NIGHTGisa Wierzchowski
DesperationErika Seetzen-Woods
lifeGisa Wierzchowski
MorningIris Feller
DisillusionErika Seetzen-Woods
La fugueIris Feller
AloneIris Feller
Lives...Dieter Franke
Just a dreamIris Feller
ColoursJames Woods
The Bench In The ParkErika Seetzen-Woods
Sad dark eyesIris Feller
Evening CalmJames Woods
Life will endIris Feller
The endIris Feller
CarnivalIris Feller
Does Time CryKristina Korus
Summer´s breezeIris Feller
PenguinIris Feller
The phantom in your mindIris Feller
Little “I“Iris Feller
Why?Iris Feller
1985 - year of disasterIris Feller
State of EmergencyUwe Stender
Teenage TransitionErika Seetzen-Woods

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