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Titel Autor
FOR YOUJürgen Wagner
Love SongJürgen Wagner
I wishSamantha Rhinow
When I Saw Him Hanging ThereJoseph Trance
Only Body FeelingBernhard Pappe
The Love of GodJoseph Trance
BE MY HEART'S HAVENMauro Montacchiesi
sanguineDoris Groiß
TornJan Güldenpfennig
Can you find it in your heart?Mike Arnold
Don't speak with your heart fullAndrew Alison
There is only lightMike Arnold
As these stars aboveMike Arnold
How can I?Mike Arnold
When you whisper along to your favorite songsJan Güldenpfennig
Mental acrobaticsSarah Müller
Not despite, but because I loved you!Andre M. Pietroschek
Me and YouJürgen Wagner
Then came the day in January Thomas-Otto Heiden
Give Love a Big Chance to WinBarbara Mewes-Trageser
A Glance in ViennaMathis H.
No More Discriminations EverBarbara Mewes-Trageser
the golden table Doris Groiß
Strong Women Angela Feiertag
Black SoulMonika Schmeinta-Maier
The gentle death of a loveJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Eyes like starsAnna Weithaas-Lachtrup
No happy endMelina Gittner
Journey Of A HeartE. C. Montana
Your Love Monika Schmeinta-Maier
Traveling Down Life’s HighwaysE. C. Montana
Failed PolyarmoryVanessa Toh
PromisesAmelie-Jade Opfinger
A poem for you 2.0Melina Gittner
You promisedSamantha Rhinow
Time Monika Schmeinta-Maier
GlitzerMonika Schmeinta-Maier
Golden Ways and Times of Sorrow - for V. v. GoghJürgen Wagner
You killed meSamantha Rhinow
That´s meAlina Rahner
Left here without youJule Valentin
HOW LOVE WASAntonio Justel Rodriguez
A place like heaven Doris Groiß
I loved youSamantha Rhinow
Dialogue...💞Ursula Rischanek
Perfectly wrongAnnika Grieger
LovePatrick Rabe
Corona Town, where I was born (Two more versions)Patrick Rabe
Corona Town, where I was born (my version of "Barbara Allen")Patrick Rabe
you will only see greatness with your heartSteven Bell
GREAT I AMGrace Hope
I didn't know I could feel it Hannah Eilert
Just a dream Hannah Eilert
Whisper in My SoulAngela Pokolm
ArisingJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Roses on beachesSamoa Rider
AlleycatSamoa Rider
Hearts in partsSukejna Haracic
Not Everything Is LoveNina Nowak
It´s you I asume Sukejna Haracic
Until sun risesSukejna Haracic
A very unusual way.....🌠Ursula Rischanek
Switched on and of ....?💔Ursula Rischanek
CousinsJoseph Trance
MY DEARIvan Sokac
SHIPSIvan Sokac
Feelings...❤️Ursula Rischanek
19 Seconds (of Beweiskraft) (One Year after) Karl-Konrad Knooshood
Be who you want to be!Sandra Geiger
You lived, my heartSamoa Rider
My heroSamoa Rider
Cupids last standSamoa Rider
Standing strongSamoa Rider
The huntSamoa Rider
NakedSamoa Rider
LOST DAYSMarlene Remen
Remembering a loveBernhard Pappe
Forget-Me-NotJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
Lovingness TryThomas McQuitty
may-beConny Kirsten
MOTHERSElisab Beatriz Valero
Let’s get ready for… - Ready – Steady - GoBernhard Pappe
Orfeo's SongPatrick Rabe
My LordElisab Beatriz Valero
I dance for meÉmilia Francine Rennart
YouÉmilia Francine Rennart
long time no seeRobert Zabek
Just give me a chanceChrista Katharina Dallinger
No ordinary manChrista Katharina Dallinger
A waste of airVolodymyr Knyr
H O P EMarlene Remen
Breath of HeavenJan Wendler
You fly with the angelsRamona Benouadah
Different ReactionsIrene Beddies
T H E K E YMarlene Remen
HORIZONSTilman Otto Wagner
let me create somethingÉmilia Francine Rennart
Kisses and pisses (Temporarily a strange poem)Bernhard Pappe
L O V EMarlene Remen
For Wiebke, wherever she may be (Mit deutscher Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
Subdued PassionIrene Beddies
Better FutureJan Wendler
A DreamJan Wendler
Song for you (mit deutscher Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
FlamesMaddiie Vali
Carried ...Manuela Nickel
Gates Of ZionPatrick Rabe
flashlight .........................Steven Bell
RecollectionIrene Beddies
MagiciansIrene Beddies
Bittersweet DreamJan Wendler
Poem XXIIIBrandon Balderas Rocha
ConformistlyMeike Schrut
FreeJan Wendler
B E L I E V EMarlene Remen
LOVE DRAGON BLUETilman Otto Wagner
A new dayAdalbert Nagele
Dust of YearsIrene Beddies
Gave it allJan Wendler
love and superstitionFrank Erureye
Time is fading awayIrene Beddies
Broken-wingedIrene Beddies
Smiling Through WordsMaddiie Vali
MoonlightRay Beynon
sweet girlNorman Möschter
Love IsMaddiie Vali
ConvictionIrene Beddies
We will overcomeIrene Beddies
On her DeathIrene Beddies
kind of loveNorman Möschter
It´s about youStefanie Haertel
ZeitgeistRené Oberholzer
Love means...Klaus Thomanek
Wedding Song (with german translation/ mit dt. Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
my promiseNorman Möschter
One Last KissPetya Ivanov
My Gift to YouIrene Beddies
A love so deepChristina Dittwald
By my sidePatrick Rabe
Jeanny's workPatrick Rabe
Stay and fightKlaus Meier
A l w a y sMarlene Remen
Why is itMaddiie Vali
F r e e l i k e a b i r dMarlene Remen
Growing oldIrene Beddies
The artistPatrick Rabe
Dear JewelJoshua Akinwande
springOliver Stefan
Prodigal DaughterKaren Halloway
LongingJürgen Wagner
C a n d l e o f H o p eMarlene Remen
See Me Dying HereDirk Schumacher
M e m o r y sMarlene Remen
To know...Irene Beddies
God's Autism ClassroomJoseph Trance
FamiliarKegan N.
Skies will always be full of fliesMarc Backhaus
Game of WordsMarc Backhaus
I am here for loveMarc Backhaus
In every silent momentsMarlene Remen
POETIC TRUTHTilman Otto Wagner
My roseNorman Möschter
M y f i r s t L o v e ( Songtext ? )Marlene Remen
This DistanceMaddiie Vali
Can't sleep...Cindy Bansemer
To LoveRufus Murry Jr
Whenever I wanted...Irene Beddies
My Friend RonIngrid E. Patrick
Changes are bitter nowIrene Beddies
DifficultMaddiie Vali
I Like YouMaddiie Vali
You and IMaddiie Vali
A Love So Dearly MissedKegan N.
The Last Day of AprilMaddiie Vali
Because of LoveMaddiie Vali
Goodbye ConfusionMaddiie Vali
C Stands For CourageRay Boorman
LoveChristina Dittwald
TightropesKim Gray
Beleave (Songtext)Marlene Remen
Springtime LoveKaren Halloway
A True FriendIngrid E. Patrick
1919Maddiie Vali
corpus christiSilwe Stoll
canceldLea Reich
This dark afternoonIrene Beddies
FreeRufus Murry Jr
Fighting lonelinessStefanie Haertel
TogethernessJames Woods
I stand before youJames Woods
Farewell - James AllenIngrid E. Patrick
L I F ETilman Otto Wagner
EnoughIrene Beddies
I want to keep our love aliveStefanie Haertel
ALL I SEE....Ingrid E. Patrick
Along the BeachIrene Beddies
How?Joseph Trance
My IslandIrene Beddies
Because He KnowsJoseph Trance
WillingKlaus Meier
lentConny Kirsten
inhale you pureFelix Abegg
But I just can´t make you love meStefanie Haertel
A Quiet PlaceRufus Murry Jr
YOULivia Möckli
In loveDaniel Dietze
Something about loveRené Marczynski
RED MISTRay Boorman
RemembranceIrene Beddies
Handle with CareIrene Beddies
Your Magic ArtIrene Beddies
OneFergal Dunne
WHY XMAS ?Ray Boorman
StillJoseph Trance
Beginning of LoveIrene Beddies
LOVE DIDACTICSJoshua Akinwande
unforgivenConny Kirsten
Three WordsFergal Dunne
Bavaria.Daniel Knecht
Just Spread Some Love AroundDorsey Baker
The MeetingFergal Dunne
It Was the WindSilwe Stoll
that Piece is Your HeartFergal Dunne
The Time Of LoveJennifer Daniel
blessedStefanie Haertel
LotosSilwe Stoll
RIGHT TO LOVEJoshua Akinwande
Don't You EverLars Schmitt
When Love Comes DownDorsey Baker
Is True LoveDorsey Baker
Just Fall in LoveDorsey Baker
Self-RealizationLothar Schwalm
Why did you made me ...?Hannis Eriksson
LOVELANDJoshua Akinwande
First datePradip Gore
As I wroteMeike Schrut
The fallen one...Stephan Löcher
"Would you marry for money" She replied....Ray Boorman
Love GivesDorsey Baker
Sedated NatureDean Harries
ButterflyChristian Werthmann
When You Think About LoveDorsey Baker
Look at the LoveBirdsDorsey Baker
SUPERMANJoshua Akinwande
This Feeling Called LoveDorsey Baker
Let Love OutDorsey Baker
Until You Find LoveDorsey Baker
Love On The CrossJoseph Trance
Glorious MorningRay Boorman
IN MY DREAMJoshua Akinwande
be the oneBahia Baya
Love SonnetJasmine Shaw
CANNOT WAITJoshua Akinwande
SET ME FREEJoshua Akinwande
JAKERay Boorman
MY DOGRay Boorman
My sweet salvationChristian Werthmann
The moment you feel lovedStefanie Haertel
Cold kissesAndy Klemm
There You AreJoana Angelides
The Silent DispairJoana Angelides
The little happinessJoana Angelides
FeelingsJoana Angelides
The dance of feelingJoana Angelides
Vampiric DreamAndy Klemm
LoveAnna Höfler
Lovely oneUte Abele
The feeling, the longing remains for goodMeike Schrut
Baby GiftJoseph Trance
Lives, allow to liveMeike Schrut
What if?Paraschiva Grebenea
YouMichael A. Fischer
All I only want you --- TO CAREKazeronnie Mak
You were pretendingMotsamai Maqadika
My Mandolin LoveSusanne Waldbrunner
Soul painMeike Schrut
To the eternity.......Kazeronnie Mak
Remember meStefanie Haertel
My Best FriendBrittany Walker
LoveTamara Heid
I need youJonas King
I LOVE YOUAmine Moussaoui
Praying to GalaxyKazeronnie Mak
Dream of FirefliesMichael A. Fischer
The infatuation love is caused the entire life with regretsKazeronnie Mak
Every Lovesong visits BrightonRobert Fischaleck
InterludeKazeronnie Mak
Score the ballTanja W.
simply complicatedMJ Hamilton
The last ButterflyMJ Hamilton
TimeMichael A. Fischer
I´ll love you eternallyBjörn Peglau (Born)
The LoveThomas Kreuter
SoulmateLion Kroeze
It are still my inspiration, but.....Meike Schrut
It's Not LikeLars Schmitt
Could feel it in her heartArnfried Gunther
Drown me, Love!Christina Thomas
The UnknownLouise Grätz
Where is the way?Susanne Nübel
Sapere audeMeike Schrut
verveConny Kirsten
Escape in another timeMeike Schrut
Un nombreAriel Forestale
What would one see....?Meike Schrut
Christmas' First LoveJoseph Trance
TrustTanja W.
PrinceLion Kroeze
An excuse to liveMiguel Rijo
EverytimeAlexandra Begemann
The vegetable gardenDiane Frost
Wrong thoughtsMeike Schrut
Old person 1.Meike Schrut
Pensive 1Meike Schrut
DesireMichelle Fouché
The "N0-ing" of GodJoseph Trance
The Black Pearls Of Bora BoraWolfgang Appell
doorsConny Kirsten
silenceConny Kirsten
Your love is meaninglessUrsula Brieke-Brinkmann
i love youMelissa Vanbecelaere
I put all my faith in youDirk Schumacher
Letting you goIsabelle Lenk
CONTRASTSJens Marquard
Everlasting LoveGrainne Osullivan
i love you babyBas, Rosie and Dan XxXxX Healy
DJ ScullySarah Horgan
Thinkin' of youShirley Ehling
You would be perfekt for meStefanie Haertel
The BelovedZul Ariffin
The NightZul Ariffin
A closer GodZul Ariffin
I love youKristian Goldmund Aumann
Without youMichel Pauwels
lost and foundNorman Möschter
seen through my eyesHanneke
The heart sees what's invisible for the eyeHanneke
Security FoundationJoseph Trance
No chance for loving youIsabelle Lenk
Buy, buy LoveJörg Dahlbeck
The Moment of Truth in Love and PainKim Haslam
Love songMani Junio
The Essence of MeNatascha Sifnakis
My smileNika Baum
Our Eternal MythTom Conrad
Again and again and again...Nika Baum
Sad Thoughts about LoveSaskia Egli
Nice guyMirjam Hoff
why don´t confess to you?Hicham Kassi
AgainClaudia Stechmesser
A Vicious CirlceThorsten Heim
NeverJutta Knubel
Eternal loveFrank Sperling
A thing called loveJanine Benkert
The WindAnna Burstedde-Raptis
WORKBirgit Börner
RemorseJanine Benkert
Platonic LoveFrank Sperling
« The Blood Vacuumer »Claudia Feichter
Listen To Your HeartIngrid E. Patrick
Declaration of LoveArne Bister
No MusicArne Bister
Baby, I love youBriana O´Donald
Still Waters Ring DeepArne Bister
Life is wonderfulMauro Montacchiesi
OceanDelila Scorthen
Love ist moreDelila Scorthen
Your HeroAnna Burstedde-Raptis
What can I do to make you see what you really mean to me?Jill Ackermann
Hate or LoveJulia Cramer
Oh Yes !Martina Schmolke. Dr. med.
Unreasonable DemandMartina Schmolke. Dr. med.
You were here for me!R. S. (male)
Dream girl!R. S. (male)
Hello me!R. S. (male)
What the hell happened to me?R. S. (male)
My PrinceIvana Herrmann
Our SongStefanie Haertel
Shores of LoveJames Reeves
Unimprotant ThingJanine Benkert
Only LoveTobias Zimmermann
Hold on this moment forever.Sven Calmon
BlissGabriella von Schadewitz
LoVeMyrna Doden
So hard to sayJoe R.
Your picture in my handsPierre Heinen
2.30 a.m. isolationConny Kirsten
you angelSophie Rebholz
EmbraceConny Kirsten
Tears for a loved oneChristina Kammermeier
The little girl from far awayKaroline Goldberg
I am a lover of sleepArun Kurkute
what thenArun Kurkute
death angelConny Kirsten
5 WordsMelanie Bösing
Where do we go from here?Ursula Brieke-Brinkmann
I love youEdda Graedener
LostChristian Kramer
nowherelandConny Kirsten
Now-todayEdda Graedener
True LoveAnnkatrin Rothe
FamiliarWendy C. Barton
A rose is a roseNadja Fischer
ParisKatrin Blatnik
Interview with The PoetKrunoslav Setka
I'm not AloneKrunoslav Setka
PleaseKrunoslav Setka
LoveJuli Beuys
You are my angelJill Ackermann
you...Katrin Blatnik
loved only youLisa Osthaus
Night of sorrowMaik Hollenberg
My words to youLunise St-Pierre
You are my ValentineErika Seetzen-Woods
Beautiful DateCarmen Schordie
inbetweenConny Kirsten
The woman who tooks the ways of freedom whith happinessChristian Merle
This dance of loveRobert Fischaleck
Fancy Nancy - or why yesterday does matterMartin Fries
letters to DjannaRobert Fischaleck
a flowerRobert Fischaleck
When you sleep....I still love youSebastian Pillkowsky
Blind people walkingSebastian Pillkowsky
an unforgetable loveOumnia Nejda
Walking in PeaceBalthazar Nzomono-Balenda
A Gentle Killer..Ndim Muhanad
Second Chances, Part One: 'Pain'Katrin Blatnik
for R.Katharina Zwior
Back to lifeSabine Müller
Wednesday MorningMax Burchard
Take a ChanceWendy C. Barton
TrustRobert Gatewood
Not MineWendy C. Barton
Consuming ThoughtsWendy C. Barton
Imaginary LoverWendy C. Barton
a question of luckAndreas Schulz
A Gentle Liar..Ndim Muhanad
Crimson Lies..Ndim Muhanad
Revenge..Ndim Muhanad
Silence..Ndim Muhanad
Love is...Jacqueline Kaiser
I lied and said No..Ndim Muhanad
The Power of LoveDagny Kraas
Would you teach me?Ndim Muhanad
A beauty lover..Ndim Muhanad
What do you do at this moment I think of you..Ndim Muhanad
Leave..Ndim Muhanad
Some of my own words..Ndim Muhanad
sunset to sunriseBritta Johnson
A knight, a king, a slave and a lover..Ndim Muhanad
My Odessa..Ndim Muhanad
Have you been lately in love?Ndim Muhanad
My Muse..Ndim Muhanad
Lies..Ndim Muhanad
My Own Lies..Ndim Muhanad
An Arabian Lover..Ndim Muhanad
Compared YearningMichael P.
Man Of The WarDagny Kraas
Easter´s AgeDrazen Boskic
Love's seasonsSaskia Egli
Behind my agonyMichael P.
Daily RoutineAriane Hofmann
Rip offConny Kirsten
My FriendThomas Spiekermann
Just PainAmelie Zeuner
Best friends do not make loveInes Wertenbroch
AllrightDeborah Wolf
Love-Hate Hate-LoveStefan Schlupp
You don't stayFelix Kretschmer
Nocturnal RomanceIvana Herrmann
first I thought... Now, I know....Maria Gebhardt
Just for youThomas Kalbitz
Moonlight shiningThomas Kalbitz
humblyConny Kirsten
Just another Love PoemJasmin Räbsamen
All along the lineConny Kirsten
trustingConny Kirsten
Mad LoveStefanie Haertel
Stranger in the NightSuzanne Jaccaz
Another try and we'll dieFelix Kretschmer
longingConny Kirsten
Amor meets cute womanJoe Stuckenschnieder
Friendship, War, Love, Peace…The Story!!!Abderrahmane Ouacham
ImmortalityClaudio Micale
Inner ThoughtsSabrina Goergen
Season's greetingsAndreas Galambos
How IronicFelix Kretschmer
English for BeginnersSabine Müller
Broken HeartJessica Lischewski
Beginning and EndingAnnkatrin Rothe
do you love meJohanna Goegele
Don't be afraidJohann Piber
Pain and other punishmentsHendrik Neumann
My broken HeartJessica Gast
Stupid Cupid!Andreas Galambos
Precious MomentsClaudio Micale
The Colour of LoveClaudio Micale
Where are you?Andreas Galambos
Rainy DaysClaudio Micale
Your heart in my handsAriane Hofmann
Our TreeAriane Hofmann
The knight and the mirror!Enrique Catalán Salgado
The YOU inside MEAndreas Schulz
Before you leave againStephanie Fuchs
What is Love?Erika Seetzen-Woods
Engulfed In PassionRichard Rodriguez
Is there some hopeSabrina Görlich
Change of tideRamona Zolke
Father´s DaySharon Brasher
FebruaryKenyah Boehme
PromiseJessie Munroe
GoodbyeJessie Munroe
MaPetronella Steevensz
Thoughts on a DreamRón Ginn
Lighthouse KeeperNatascha Sifnakis
My heart......At What Cost?Ericka Felton
LongingsYasleh Rita Ayu Mat Yassin
The Man I First LovedAmy Tussing
HeartbreakJames Woods
HushIvana Herrmann
Fields Of GoldIvana Herrmann
Into the Never-EndingIvana Herrmann
Lives...Dieter Franke
Little “I“Iris Feller
State of EmergencyUwe Stender

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