Samoa Rider aus Belgien

I dedicated my life to the protection of our environment and all the creatures that inhabit our planet. After starting my career with a master’s degree in biology, I am now back to university to finally become a veterinarian – this is what I have always dreamt of. Between both studies I have lived in Mauritania for 2 years, where I was involved in projects that take care of street dogs and cats as well as the poor, lovely, hardworking donkeys there. This had a massive influence on my outlook on life, work and love and ripped my horizon open beyond my own imagination. My busy scientific mind needs a lot of other input to balance the stress out in daily life. Reading and writing help me a lot to put my mind at ease, and the most random things inspire me to take a pen and write my ideas down. Although I consider myself a scientist, the worlds of fantasy, magic and energy play a big role in my life. The way I write is very intuitive and sometimes even involuntary and I have my moments where I ask myself if I was creator or tool in the end. I think that’s what keeps my poems very real. I can’t write anything just for the sake of writing. Only if the time and emotions feel right, my thoughts find their way into the real world…

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