Saskia Charlotte Junker

Unterlassene Hilfeleistung der Polizei & Nervegift im Zug

June 2017.
I walk towards the polocestation as the judge of the tribunal MUELHEIM AN DER RUHR that is involved
in the heritage issues had suggested to me when I tried to seek her assistance for explanations and
reasons to persecution and compromised emailaccounts and telephones.
Its not far from the teibunal.10 minutes walking distance and I arrive at Von Bock strasse.
5 minutes after that i left the tribunal I notice an expensive car following me until it sees the
streetname I am heading to , then it speeds up and passes me.
I take a pragmatic rountined look to catch the license plate and realize it is a car from UNNA.
What does a car from Unna in Muelheim and why is it involved in the persecution.
I reach the poloce station and talk to the officer at the entrance. He indicates me the direction to the
waiting room.
It does not tske long and a man in civil walks straight to the entrance and asks
"Here is someone who wants to file a report?"
I should have been suspectful with the way the person walked in without uniform without presenting
himself or giving his name.but for some reason I was not. Who knows and they were short on staff.
I confirmed and he did lead me to a small room that did not even look like a police office but rather an
old unused room with school tables and 2 chairs and an old computer.
I am still wondering how it was possible that I did not walk out of the room straight away but I didnt.
He starts to ask me questions and why Inwould be there and I give him full details on what had been
happening since 2014 and when I had left the horrible place at Bad Harzburg in 2015 and as well 2016
and beginning 2017..
I dont know when but he at some point interrupts me.
He starts making comments that this sounds rather like paranoia seen I at that point have little proof
and no testimonies and then he suggests me that just to check on my mentwl health he would
recommend me to go to the catholic St Marien Hospital of Muelheim am der would be nearby
and he would know people there.they would all be very friendly.
It is thr point wherr Ininterrupt him and explain him bery clearly that i thinknthe conversation is ended
That I know very well to not be laranoid and that I know that there are people who have interest to
steal a billion heritage from me.

He says. Oh what nice.why dont you just look forward to thr heritage and dont think about these
I stand up and start leaving the room.he asks me whether i would like that he puts sth in the computer
and i say i would prefer not to seen his attitude to everything.
Once we leave the room I statr him clearly that I have followed management rhetoric courses and
would have been well aware of his rhetoric and that in addition have studied medicine and
therapeutical disciplines so i knew quite a lot more about health than him.
He is silent for a second or two.
Then he says."try to get a very good lawyer.but it must be a good one." Then he silences down entirely
and walks me to the door. The policeman at the entrance does look at me with a weird expression but
does not stop me. I evidently stay not in MH but take straight away the train to leave from there. My
orevious plan to eventually contact other people in MH I drop.
I inform myself for the train to Hamburg and bremen hoping i would be receiving help from friends i
had once there but it results as impossible later to contact them.
While I get on the train I notice people on the train platform looking at me and as well some of them
who walks into the train coach where i take a seat before walking off or out again..this is not visible.
Seen an earlier experience in Italy in May 2017 10minutes after departure I change my seat.
To hamburg its about 4 hours.
2 hours later the train stops in the middle of nowhere..
We need to wait..
A woman has crashed down to the floor and talks weird.she is confused and does not remember who
she is. I have a closer look..the woman did sit on the seat that I had chosen previously but changed...
We need to wait half an hour while people keep the lady under observation...then a special rescue
team enters the train and takes the woman with them..hwr destiny unknown.
June 2021
I just arrived with the flight from italy and take a last attempt to approach police after the italian police
in venice instead of helping me with the identitythft and other thefts insulted me accusing me of drugs
and prostitution in an indirect way while talking beyond them "it is really her.but if we correct
everything they gonna take revenge."
So I approachbthe federal police of the train station Berlin and try to seek their help .as well in the co
text of Lake Garda and what people had done to me there and who they were.
Instead of helping me they only saybthatbif it happened in italy the italian police would be responsible
and not them and regards the other matters they would rather refer me to the
Bundesverfassungsschutz in Cologne and I should go there as soon as possible.there still would be a
direct train leaving.
So I take the train 20minutes later.
30 minutes later after I entered the train there is a change in train staff and once again they check all
train tickets.
Thr entire train staff ahas changed for people with freyblond hair and blue staring eyes.inclusive the
people from the cafe where i later ask for a rhabarber shorle.
While inwait for thr beverage they use an excuse to let me stand there with the 3 of them for a few
minutes.she makes constantly weird gestures with her finger in the air while as well rotating the
beverage upside down gmfmgiving the weird excuse it wouls be because of the bmgas inside and that
it would not flow over.entirely absurd but there is nothing i can do.
I walk back to mybseat and find the reason for the procastination.
On my seat and luggage I find the contact poison I am already used to from italy. I wipe off the
luggage in routine with a wet wipe leave the luggage there and change seat to a different place
capable to see whon is going where..
10 minutes later i see some of the new train staff walking in that direction..when they walk back
without realizing that i had just changed thr seat they say among each other "she wiped it already off".
A woman whonsits not too far from me mumbles something about DNT.
Hamburg 2015 
I wait for a friend with whom i am supposed to meet for a concert but hmshe does not appear..
At some point instead a man with bkue eyes and grey white hair walks towards me and asks me the
way..whether i would be able to point him out on his iphone where we exactly would be on the map...
It was weird. He did not look like someone who does not know how to use an iphone and gps works
as well offline. But I do him the favour...
My friend never appears that evening..or did she later? I dont remember that. I at dome point enter the
bar we want to meet take a lemonade and try to distract me with dancing from all the previous

You can find more about experiences with corrupt police
and refusal of help against dangerous serial killers in
the chapter scappata per austria part 2, and in corrupt
police in entire peovinece of Verona lake garda. Wirh
what had been happening in 2016 and 2017.
I did not publish yet the entire chapter of 2021 and
corrupt and very offensive policeofficers in venice, and
bulgaria and greece (patras). Curiously enough Patras
and Bulgaria are headquarterd of thr CIA.
In the chapters about 2022 about the USA are to be
added New York, Niaghara Falls , Buffalo, Maryland,
I threading enough as well there those states belong to
the governing influence of CIA and surprise surprise the
governing I fkuense of cia NSA and santa croce are
always in places where there are arch dioceses of the
vatican and weirs sub churces or socalled denomations.


Zur Unterlassenen Hilfeleistung sei hinzuzufuegen, dass
Idi in Italien sowohl Local als auch regional und
amschliessens National Anzeige erstwttet3 back des
missbrauchs und der drohungen bei den Carabinieri
Malcesine mit CC an den Bjergermeister von Malceaine
sowie als keine handlungen folgt3n an

Die anzeigen wurden ignoriert, anst3lle dessen wurde
jede ei zelne email an Enrico saglia und Vito lapetina

Sie enthielten jedes einzelne detail der geschehnisse
von 2016 bis 2021.

Jedes mal wenn ich details ergaenzte gab es am
folgetag kontaktgift nervengift anschlaege .eine
methode die fuer gewoehnlich den ukrainischen
geheimdiensten und der roemisch natuerlivhen camorra
eigen ist.

Gift am Lenkrad oder an der Handbr3mse und Kupplung
spaeter in der lueftung meines autos als sie festst3llten
dass ich st3ts wet wipes mit mir fuehrte und
rourin3maessig lenkrad und kupplung und
amaturenbrett saeuberte.
Dank cabriolet 206cc peugeot altes model doch gut
intakt war es dann schmell moeglich die lueftung
auslueften zu lassen bis jegliche Substanz in luft
aufgelöst war...

2mal bemerkte ich die Substanz zu spät was beinahe zu
Unfällen geführt hätte da diesew nerven Kontakt gidt
innerhalb kärzester zeit Konzentration verschwinden
lässt und zu brainfog führt.

Die kompletten automanipulationen seit 2009 Dr die mie
zuteil wurden können Sie in einem weiteren Kapitel in
romanform nachlesen.
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