Saskia Charlotte Junker

Mechtild Wand

An Mechtild Wand:

Hoer auf Schwachsinn ueber mich zu erzaehlen.
ODer willst su mich zwingen, Allen deine episoden I'm detail zu veroeffentlichte?!?

Dass du den experimented seit 1992 zugestimmt hast indem du dich von DER Deutschen regierung mit verbeamtung auf lebenszeit. Eatechen liessest und von uschi und tho zur staatsagentin anheuern liessest?

oder 2009 sagtest du wuenschtest ich sei 13, damn koenntest du mein gehirn defragmentisieren sodass ich danach denke wie du?

oder commentare machtest zu dingen die du Mir haettest wissen koennen wenn du seit 1998 ueberwachungskameras I'm waldbachtal haettest installieren lassen?

Oder 2016 deine leuchtenden augen Als du dachtest tho sei tot und zu Mir sagtest "Stell nur keine fragen, dann wird Alles gut?"

Oder das kontaktgift auf dem vorbereiteten Bett sodass ich dann inauras Bett mit winer auusrede schlief? Oder das mit drogen versetzt wasser das ich nicht trank und du dann die ganze karaffe wegavhuettetest die du vor mich gestellt hattest? Oder du Mir einreden wolltest meinem weltwriten referencen von freunden und arbeitgebern eien ja nicht echt und das sei ja gar nicht ich ?

Oder der typ mit DER orangem weste der dir bestaetigend subtil zunickte bevor wie from Haus betraten? Genauso aussehend wie die orangewestler die mich 2014 in Hamburg stalkten und kommentare zu meinem emailinhalt machten und es konnte nur meinem email sein, da ich Eine TEST mail mit absurden inhaltrn an Eine andere anonyme mailadresse an mich selbst schixkte.

oder du wusstest ueber details eines zettels mit dem italienisvhen wort fuxk bzw va van culo, you bzgl der stalker seit 2012 hatte,den ich on meinem wohnung am gardasee hatte wo keiner ausser Mir zugriff hatt
Oder du seltsamerweise wusstest Dass ich mein konto bei der GLS bank hatte?

Oder die details zu dem vergifteten mantel den du extra Frisch gewaschen hattest  und das brot mit drogen versetzt und die stalker I'm zig auf der rueckreise, die sagten "gleich ist Alles vorbei" (zugpersonal war und ist zeuge) .
und deine und Laura's relation Al's inch euch Eine ausfuehrliche email zu den begegbenheiten I'm zig berichtete und Laura Al's RICHTERIN fuer zivilrecht such tatsaechlich ausfachtr das Zeugwn vor gerixht heute nichtehe Ernst genommen werden und du das kommentiertest mit Dass Laura wirklich einem "messerscharfen verstand hat" ?

Oder bzgl Des inzwowchen seit 2007 nachgewiesenem stalkings Laura und du dich ieberall sagten ich haette paranoia und sollte dich lie er ein psychologist he's gutachten machen?!

Oder details zu Janina's besuxh in nimwegem 2007 wo die ueberwachungs neurospie installieren und darauf bestand das selbe foto von Mir Al's souvenir zu haben Dass ich auf meinem studentenausweis have und das nixhtmal besonders huebsch ist warrens ich sagten du sollest dich Besser ein huebacheres foto erhalten? Oder wie air dann meinem mitbewohner began gegen mich aufzubrtzrn mit denen die one mein wissen I'm kontakt blieb???

Oder wie du dich 2021 weigertrst in Italian anzurufen um den personnel ein fuer allemal zu sagten Dass ICH saskia Charlotte und nicht Eine andere person saskia Charlotte ist?

Oder du bei deutlichen nadeleinstichen auf mittlerer halshoehe mit denen ich regelmaessig in meinem Eigenen wohnung aufwachte du tatsaechlich behaupten wolltest es handle sich um ohrring abdruecke? Waerend ich gar keine ohrring trug?


And maybe a few more things about mechwa seen everyone is defending that woman so much.
Mechwa when she got pregnant at her age of 18 the janinain weird ways in 1982 ,she was not in love with Michael yet, and she ONLY did marry him because she did not want to move back to her parents house and preferred to live 3 hours away by car.a car which they did not even have back then. And then it was so comfortable for her with Michael who had a rich father and moving in 1985 into beautiful waldbachtal at her age of 20 and him at age 22 in a big villa with huge garden and receiving aupair girls to take care of me and Janina and later Laura.
Michael did love her and did try everything to rescue the marriage when the state agents did spin the intrigues even sending a state agent from Hungary to pretend she would be an aupair and who then should pretend thaticharl.would.have tried to have an affair with her.

Then she moved in 1993 during divorce to muenster ,not back to Brakel to her parents and then even further away to Bavaria and then went 1 or 2 times maximum per year to visit her parents while her father Johannes to whom I had a good relation and adored a lot had died in 1993.

And when she called with her sisters or her mother ,the little I observed in 2009, the only thing they were doing among each other was talking bad about then the next was disgusting.


And those persons to whom I amNot even relative to want to treat a 38 years person as if she was 13 years old while I always lived on my own behalf and modest and from my own money and self earned money?!?

And people DARE to judge me on my choices towards people who are proven not my relatives?! While those had done EVERYTHING that I would loose contact with my real relatives and my real distant relatives and even murder e some of them?!?

And Michael?
Until he got to know that horrible alcoholism Adelheid and that horrible fascist comorra girl Marion,
I had a very good connection to him.
I did fight to be allowed to grow up with him 3 years and he had been growing up with learning to give hugs and to speak energy language without words as I did and was very interested into the healing and naturopath field and reiki and did tell.eqch evening a creative shortstory to me and Janina before bedtime and for Laura seem she was a few years younger he made special shortstories she maybe would like more.

Mechwa was not always as cold as ice and rational.before she started with the "studienstiftung Des Deutschen volkes" she was as well very creative and painted for us designs on our wardrobes and made beautiful decoration for the room where we apart from our own rooms had a room to gather for the common owned games or a reading corner and she prepared wonderful children birthday parties and Christmas calendaries and an amazing Christmas decoration before Christmas eve.

But then after the Christmas where Janina ruined everything by ignoring the with key locked Christmas room door and received justified criticism for her lack of respect and drawing me who was 3 yes old into it everything started to change.she had been always jealous of me and had weird ideas of games where one would put dogpoo on neighbours doorbells or putting rae noodles into water and eating them raw and to use the stairs as slide with a woolen blanket which could have been dangerous or ignoring the forbidden birds of construction sites or doing whatever would be not only forbidden but as well could have been dangerous by doing so.
From then on their was one intrigue after the next and sabotage whatever happened next and with the studienstiftung Des Deutschen volkes that offered mechwa to study on their financial means she lost out of a sudden all her empathetic skills and creativity and became entirely only rational and serious.even her voice changed after a few years. She does not have the voice anymore I remember she had once while she was adult and not a child where it is normal that later the voice changed.

To the English readers , regards mechwa,

She works for the German government.

The word "verbeamtung auf lebenszeit" does mean that she is not hired by a school but by the federal republic of Germany.
She cannot be fired, just transferred and her retirement is paid directly by the German government.
She in addition was part of the experiments from the moment she was hired by the German government.
She gave permit to that those experiments were done to me from childhood on and that I would be passed for Samantha and Janina instead of for myself.

She acted on behalf of the government when she poisoned the cloak and drugged my food in 2016 when I confronted her regards the happenings of 2012-2014.
She told me to not ask questions and all would be fine.
She denied to have any knowledge or to do with anything of the happenings but strangely enough she knew details that without surveillance access would be impossible to be known.
She then told about Janina and I should take contact defending her in all she did and told that Janina and n 2012 had a psychosis during a train ride from muelheim to Munich with the result of her being put for 2 years into a psychiatry and everyone being forced to take strong medicine (she evidently did not know that Janina already from 2000 was in beta blocker.)
Well.. and now it happened that mechwa in 2016 did poison my cloak and drugged my food before a train ride?!?
And this directly after I confronted her and she told me that Janina in 2012 had a psychosis during a train ride?!

And before the days she tried to drug my water and tried to give directives to a cafe to drug my food?(I pretended the cake would be too sweet). It was the cafe where she said my references from work and friends and certificates would not be real and I would be someone else.

Her boyfriend Flori realized at some point that it was not my but her perception of people that was entirely incorrect and they had a dispute about it which made him leave in the middle of the night not greeting me before I left.

It turned out that the study foundation "studienstiftung Des Deutschen volkes" had tight bonds to fascists.
Was it there when they recruited her?

Was it a coincidence they did transfer her after her study in muenster first to the Vatican connected private highschool Vicary and then to Landsberg am Lech where there is as well one if the prisons where after the Nuremberg war tribunal process war criminals were held for many years?

I don't know.

When I reached out once again in 2021 she still denied to have anything to do with all what happened. I even did once a Skype call where she started to make weird hand gestures and hand signs towards me and afterwards someone told me she would have made signs that would tag me for depressive.
But who knows,maybe she was given directives to do so? It looked the entire time as if she was not alone in the room.
It was a horrible call in which I begged her that SHE would do therapy seen she evidently had never digested her traumas and even asked her whether I should recommend someone good from which I know that they use the same ethics and approach as I in my discipline that treats trauma with shiatsu .
It would have been unprofessional to offer her treatment myself seen though we barely know each other (after my age of 7 I only saw her all 3 weeks and this was stressful and filled with divorce war drama), then I took a break in 1997 for 10 years before I hoped she would have matured but the contact we had was a nightmare as well later. I gave it for 5 month direct contact a chance in 2009 but she accused me of a heart made of stone and that she wished I was 13 again, so she could defraent my neuronal structure to make me share her views of life.
I was shocked and did cut cords entirely.
I confronted her in 2016 after constant inconvenience by strangers to contact her.
Result was the poisoned cloak.
I contacted her again in 2017. Shortly after I became fired.
I contacted her in 2021 and whenever she got to know my location shortly afterwards I had contact poison inconveniences or persecutors where I was.
When I told her about people entering my flat doing weird things and needle injections at my neck during the night she tried to convince me it would be insect bites or earring pins (which I did not even wear).
When I reported her about Pasquale talking in front of the house about that they had abused me she only wanted to know whether I was sure that they talked about me and maybe I would have misunderstood.
When I btw came back in 2016 and talked to Anny Verdoren about the frustrating confrontation Anny said "it is good you confronted her but she did not tell you everything".
However..neither did Anny Verdoren.
She in 2021 tried to convince me I would have an "exaggerated phantasm" when I seemed her help regards people entering in the middle of the night doing weird things after my food and air got drugged/sedated and people approaching me with the name Samantha and that I would be married.

Aver wie praktisch wenn das Ziehkind Eine RICHTERIN am
Gericht Muenchen ,ihr Mann den ich nie getroffen habe
Staatsanwalt ist und from Anderes toechterchen fuers fbi
arbeitet wo es dann so tun kann Als haette ich mit
steuerbetrug zu tun.

Da kann man dann ja Eine prokura ausstrllen lassen,
stimmts?! Und einen richterlichen Beschluss mit deman
seit 2015 emailkonten und emailprovider und e-stories
und hotels zwingen kann meinem daten herauszugeben ?

Angesixhts dessen Dass das FALSCHE testament brim
gerixht in muelheim (selbigee gerixht Dass an
experimented seit 1992 beteiligt ist und mich 2017 zur von
Bock straddle schicktr und dann schnell den staatsagenten
infiltrierte der Mir einreden sollte ich sei nicht gestalkt mit
giftanschlaegen oder glasstuecken I'm lachs sondern
haette Mir dies eingebildet und Als ich ihn zur raison
brachte und nicht zum selbe hospital lied in dem tho
offiziell verstarb gab es Im zig von mh mach hh den
naecheten giftanschlag den jedoch die andere Frau
erwiachte die such auf den platz setzte den ich Mir fuer 15
minuten besetzte, um dann systrmatisch zu wexhseln da
ich Mir der stalker am bahnhof geeahr geworden bin die
neugierig schauten wo ich genau Im zig verschwand (17.
juni 2017, nachmittagszug MH-HH ,14uhr(?)).

Ninja..da das FALSCHE testament von tho eingereicht
wuerde von personnel und dies mit absicht, was ist drnn
nunit deinem wirklichen vermoegen in billionenhoehe
geschehen?! Baby ihr euch dad Alles aufgeteilt und
niemand Weiss davon!?!?!

Ich erinnerr mich Dass tho mal von haeusern sprach und
diamanten, doch die tauchen in dem eingereichten
testament gar nicht auf...???
Auch sein billionenvermoegen tauchte gar nicht auf,
sondern herr Haines erzaehlte von geraeumten bankkonten
und es garbe gar schulden mit glaeubigern....

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