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Narcissistic creator cooperates with cosmos fans___PART--2

                                                                                           ( Religious  FANTASY )


The Super Beamer-1 helped a lot to explore our solar system. It is copied in sufficient numbers and planets as well as moons are searched with it. It's all done in no time, because extremely fast particle transport. The extraterrestrials have given us a totally mature system, so there are no glitches either. Thank goodness and truly amazing! But where is the much-announced further surprise that is supposed to overshadow everything? Looking for a single object in a solar system is, of course, sheer madness - looking for a needle in a haystack par excellence. More and more people give up and finally the search is stopped - it probably no longer serves any purpose.

Years pass when images of Olympus Mons, the highest peak in our solar system, suddenly reappear. Again they show a huge device on top. The opinion of some is that the photos will definitely be from the past. So the first "Martians" are really surprised when they read the inscription on the new gift from heaven: SUPER-BEAMER-2!

First they ask themselves: Are the extraterrestrials trying to fool us? We've been looking for years like crazy in all corners of the solar system... and where's the second surprise?? Again high on the Olympus Mons! Funny. At least that's how we got to know our planetary system thoroughly.
And when the Martians read what SUPER-BEAMER-2 is capable of, there is only great joy. Now it goes to completely new shores for Mars and Earth people. With the murder device, people and material can be beamed to life-friendly EXO-planets and large moons within the Milky Way!! And even on a grand scale. Just fantastic.

But that's not all. The accompanying letter is similarly sensational. The creator himself spoke up:

"I think it's time to let the cat out of the bag, as you call it. It wasn't extraterrestrials who made you happy with these great devices, but the creator himself. I'm just omnipotent, omniscient and then something like that is peanuts for me.

And why am I doing it? There are various reasons. "Grow and multiply," is an important statement from me. And not just on earth! Why should you experience a terrible overpopulation on Terra when my universe offers a lot of alternative possibilities? It's just that it's almost impossible for my technical intelligence to reach them in an acceptable amount of time. Due to the speed of light limit, you have zero chance of colonizing extrasolar planets and large moons. And that's why you get the SUPER-BEAMER-2, who knows no speed limit. As an almighty one, I can override my general laws of nature: Whenever, wherever and however I want!! No problem for me .

 I am also very proud of my grandiose giant universe, a wonderful work of art through and through! And verily, I say to you: Applause is not only the bread of the artist for my thinking creatures such as intelligences. It is also far too stupid for a creator to constantly have to pat himself on the back, so to speak, because his creatures cannot or do not want to or both. Say or write to yourselves honestly: A universe that is not even noticed by its creatures is as good as dead! And this is the case with all animals and plants. Contrary to my intelligences. Only they have the chance to develop "cosmic consciousness" with the appropriate technology and know-how. Mostly paired with recognition and ovations for my grandiose giant work of art.

 We remember: A universe with only animals and plants is as good as dead despite many living beings - in the higher sense just described. And a creator of countless worlds himself without sufficient applause from his intelligences too! Praise and recognition are already important to you humans - even exceedingly important to me, the Creator. I'm just not a callous automaton who notoriously and constantly creates universes without any reflection! For those who don't believe this, where is it written that a god cannot also have human characteristics and vice versa? Egg - hen problem? Not at all! The quest for sufficiently satisfying praise and approval is ingrained in my godliness. And this is reflected in all my creatures, who not only make prey like animals - know food intake and reproduction. It is - if you will - a divine reflection, which inspires and delights many creatures in their existence...

But further on the main thread: What am I supposed to do with creatures that just stick to their planets and know absolutely nothing about my immeasurable cosmos? ? Even if many do not like to hear it: For me, all the animals are ultimately just collateral damage on the difficult and extremely lengthy path to technical civilizations. So far my holy words.

Now make the best of my two gifts. They should defuse your Terra crises in many areas; because an unchecked overpopulation is really no picnic and the mother of numerous problems.

And one more thing: I don't want to spoil you totally. These super projectors will help decisively. But, you have to pay a lesson here too. As with all previous expeditions to completely new areas on Terra. Pioneers usually pay a high price in blood. And it will be similar with the beam actions. We therefore recommend using robust robots and cyborgs for the first few missions.

 See you soon then..."






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