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Maybe sometime in the more distant future. . .

Countless robots of all kinds serve, serve + take care of people! People no longer have to work like this - they can if they are interested. Spaceship construction dominates world events and whole armies of people + robots work hand in hand here. Life also means change and so we now have 3 types of people:


1) "Bio-mortals"

They are the human species that only live an average of 100 years and accept this because they believe in continued life in the afterlife. The short-lived bio-mortals only make DIRECT flights to planets + moons: the old ones only get as far as the cosmic doorstep, like the moon and Mars or Venus. Medieval bio-mortals to Jupiter + Saturn. Young also to very distant Uranus + Neptune.


2) "Bio-Eternals"

As the name suggests, these can at least POTENTIALLY live forever.

The main argument against an extremely long (survival) life: "I get bored after 100 years of life on earth!", no longer applies to this group. Because bio (and cyborg) Eternals have long since turned only to the cosmos. It is so inexhaustible in news, sensations + deeply impressive phenomena that exploring it is NEVER boring! !

                                With many gigantic cruise SPACE ships they comb the solar system for sensations. Frenetic GOD worship and Cheering - hustle and bustle - cheerfulness fills the numerous spaceship decks. All (except Venus and Mercury) planets - as well as their top moons - are controlled in turn: Mars - asteroid belt - Jupiter - Saturn - Uranus - Neptune. What is the cost of the world. Bio-Eternals have enough potential lifetime to fly around in space for centuries!


Even if they naturally do not believe in a hereafter, many people at least suspect, strange or incomprehensible a creation without a creator. Cruise spaceships are also used by euphoric believers who sing enthusiastically in front of powerful, extremely fascinating planet/moon phenomena. Songs like "Great God, we praise you" then sound from thousands of throats. It is clear to both religious and NEO Anabaptists: Creation is by no means just the earth! So off to space and let's celebrate the initiator of all being there.


All hell broke loose, so to speak, on the decks of the NEO Anabaptists. Not exactly a child of sadness, mass parties in their churches are already common on Terra. And here in space, thousands of men and women are now dancing in ecstasy to their favorite song "Gloria", which is accompanied by powerful gong beats.


It goes without saying that the convoys of gigantic pleasure spaceships are surrounded by a corresponding number of supply units.


With their biological bodies, bio-eternals are of course also devoted to various pleasure habits like their conventional brothers and sisters, the bio-mortals. Only Bio-Eternals have to protect their much more valuable lives well; because they are not immune to murder and manslaughter either! They can just "only" POTENTIALLY live forever. So robo bodyguards are their constant companions.

3) "Cyborg Eternals"

The extremely hardy Cyborg Eternals do their own thing. The cravings and most leisure activities of the organic human types are alien to them. Sex - eating and drinking deliciously - dancing - singing (and much more like that) fail anyway because of their artificial bodies or becomes difficult. For many it is simply too trivial. Cyborg Eternals are primarily scientifically oriented.

The enormous effort involved in keeping biological bodies viable and functional also leads to extremely large space requirements in the spaceship on long flights and many passengers. Cyborg Eternals don't need it. Their spaceships are therefore smaller and faster. You can not only observe from the spaceship, but mostly also enter rocky planets and moons.


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